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What defines terror? Will anything be done about it after the worst U.S. Shooting? Here’s Mark in Europe.

In the wake of the terror attack in Orlando Margot in Israel gives us her perspective and how they deal with these situation there.

Why do people in Switzerland want a referendum that will guarantee them a salary? Will it pass? Here’s Oskar Freysinger a member of Swiss parliament.

Now that Muhammad Ali has died at 74 what impacted did the boxing legend have on Iranians? Here’s Kamran in Iran.

Should the Olympics be played in Rio de Janeiro this summer with the Zika virus? How bad is the Epidemic? Here’s Marcelo in Brazil.

Taliban names new leader after US kills old leader. . . Will this help Obama negotiate a peace deal? Here’s Hilaly in Pakistan.

What caused Egypt Air flight 804 to crash? Was it Technical or Terrorism? Here’s Kareem in Egypt?

After a wave of immigrants from Syria. Will Austria elect it’s first ultra conservative president. Here’s Mark.

What is happening with the U.S. drone program after a Taliban leader was killed by one? Here’s Rashed in Pakistan.

Iran is planning a Holocaust themed cartoon contest to lampoon the Holocaust like Charlie Ebdo cartoons of Muhammad. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lashed out at Iran. Here’s Margot in Israel.


The U.S. Government says ISIS is in a state of emergency in Syria. Is this True? Radwan says they’re getting stronger by the day.

Obama Op admits lying about Iran deal to scare the public into believing we would go to war. Here’s Hooshang Amirahmadi who predicted this a year ago.

Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s Parliament tells us the latest about the situation with protesters in the Green Zone and U.S. involvement with ISIS in Iraq.


Why did Obama insert himself so vigorously into U.K. Politics. Here’s Charlie.

How serious is the threat from North Korea’s submarine launched missile. Here’s Riki Ellison.

Is Al-Qaeda re-establishing themselves or is there a coordinated effort by the U.S. and Afghanistan to keep U.S. forces there? Here’s Halali.

Does the U.S. Government have credibility when they say that the Saudi’s had involvement in 9/11. Here’s Kareem.


What do people in Senegal Africa think of Trump, Clinton and the U.S. Presidency Race. Here’s Adama.

Vala in Reykjavik, tells us why Iceland’s prime minister resigned so quickly in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.

How strong is Assad since he’s taken back the city of Palmyra from ISIS. What is Russia’s role now? Here’s Radwan.

Should Obama expect Iran to follow the spirit of the Nuclear agreement? Here’s Kamran.

Do you think the way Obama handled Cuba is the way to handle Iran? How did Iran view his video? Here’s Kamran.

Brussels admitted they made a mistake. What should Europe do to Combat ISIS and Terrorism. Here’s Mark.

Putin stops his war in Syria. What will he do now?

Yonadam Kanna tells us the latest about the American Soldiers killed in Northern Iraq. Is this the start of the war on Mosul?

Mark tells us how closely Europe is following the latest in the U.S. Presidency race and their concerns.

Is the U.S. doing anything about the chemical weapons being used by ISIS and taking back Mosul? Here’s Aako in Iraq.

Why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says American need to pay more attention to other countries and what do they think of the American election process? Here’s Steve in Edmonton.

Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s Parliament tells us about their governments operation to take the back the city of Mosul.

Cesar tells us why Trump is so popular among Americans and Hondurans in his country.

What will change between the U.S. and Iranian relations after today’s elections. Here’s Kamran.

Mark in Europe tells us how the controversy between Apple and the FBI in cracking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is catching there attention.

After the recent bombing in Ankara… Is there the feeling in Turkey that the United States does not support them? Here’s reaction from Turkey.

What part is the U.S. taking in the Syrian deal? Is Obama being played like a fool by Putin and others in the Syria war. Here’s Radwan.

North Korea launched another missile. Riki Ellison tells us they might be looking for a deal from Obama to lift sanctions.

Yuri explains Obama’s handling of Syria and that Putin’s goal is provoking a war to raise oil prices.

Is it right for Denmark to seize assets from refugees seeking asylum there. Tim in Copenhagen weighs in.


Mark in Europe says vetting people from Syria is going to be difficult. How is this new immigration policy going to work?

Will U.S. and Syrian negotiations work? Radwan says it’s 100% guaranteed to fail.

We’ve seen the prisoner swap, the release of U.S. Sailors and sanctions lifted. Does this mean the scope is widening on Iran and U.S. relations? Here’s Dr. Amirahmadi.

Does North Korea have an H-bomb or a different weapon than we’ve previously known them to have? Here’s Riki Ellison.

Will the Mexican Government extradite El Chapo back to the United States here’s Jorge in Mexico.

Marks talks about why New years Eve events were cancelled in parts of Europe.

Here is Kamran to talk about the execution of Shiite cleric al-Nimr and what it means for U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia.

Does the U.S. need to change it’s strategy in Iraq to fight ISIS? Here’s Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s Parliament.

Kareem in Turkey tells us how he see’s America’s position in Syria. Is it Aligned with Russia, Turkey or some other way? Plus his view of the San Bernardino attacks.

How Effective is the United Nation peace plan for Syria. Here’s Radwan a supporter of the Free Syrian Army.

Kareem in Egypt gives us a middle eastern view of Trumps proposal to ban Muslims from Immigrating to the U.S.

Talat an Iraqi-American gives us his view about Trumps proposal to ban Muslims from Immigrating to the U.S.

Will U.S. Pakistani relations be affected by the San Bernardino attacks since it involved Tashfeen Malik a Pakistani national citizen?

Can Gun Control in America stop ISIS attacks in our country? Here’s Dr. Tawfik Hamid.

How should the San Bernardino, CA Attacks be Identified? Terrorism or workplace violence? Here’s Dr. Tawfik Hamid.

The U.S. has paid professional sports teams millions of dollars in tax payer money to promote the military during major sporting events according to a senate report.

What impact would Russian economic sanctions have on Turkey? Will President Erdoğan apologize? Here’s Oquz in Turkey.

Is there a way to determine who’s at fault after Turkey shot down a Russian war plane? Here’s Uuray in Russia.


Dr. Tawfik Hamid explains the benefits of taking back Mosul in Iraq from ISIS.


What are the risks of an open border migration policy in Europe? Here’s Oscar a politician in Switzerland to explain.

Why was Paris so vulnerable to a terrorist attack and what will be done about it? Here’s Mark in Europe.

What is the biggest concern about ISIS being on Social Media. Here from “Wauchula Ghost” on how he’s fighting it.

Would it be wise for ISIS to make an attack on a Russian plane since they are fighting in Syria? Here’s Tawfik a counter-terrorism expert.

Is it likely that the Russian jetliner crash in Egypt was a terrorist attack? Here is Kareem in Egypt.

Russian jet down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula… 224 dead… ISIS claims responsibility. Did ISIS do this? Hear what Kareem from Egypt thinks.

Obama says he will now put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Here is an Iraqi government reaction from Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s parliament.

Can we learn anything from Canadian elections last week? How are voters deciding who’s best to lead a country? We talked to Steve Zimmerman a radio host in Alberta.

Why is Tony Blair apologizing now for the first Iraq War and the start of ISIS? Here is Mark in Europe to explain.


Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s Parliament explains why a U.S. Soldier died if there are no boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS.

It’s Adoption day for the Iran Nuclear deal. Has Iran’s Government recognized publicly what they have to do? Here’s Kamran.

Masood tells us how Afghan’s feel about the U.S. keeping nearly 10,000 troops for a longer time in their country.

Is Iraq welcoming Russia to fight ISIS in Iraq? What’s the latest on Iraq U.S. relations? Here’s more from Yonadam Kanna.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s convey has been struck. Is he alive or not? Yonadam Kanna from Iraq’s Parliament talked to us live about what he knows.

Who is responsible for the killing of almost 100 people in a terror attack in Ankara? Mark in Europe has the latest.

Is Russia targeting ISIS in Syria? We asked Radwan… Is Russia telling the truth about it’s involvement in Syria?

Has Obama and Putin reached an agreement? What is Russia doing in Syria? Here is Andrei a former economic advisor to Putin with a Russian Prospective.

Was the Pope’s historic visit to the U.S. more Political or Religious or both? Mark from Europe weighs in.

Russian President Putin challenges Obama and U.S. Policy in Syria… they meet tomorrow. Here is Yonadam Kanna a member of Iraq’s Parliament with some analysis.

Is Pope Francis a reformer or more of a liberal than a conservative here is Alberto a tour guide from the Vatican?

A Syrian perspective from Radwan on how the Obama administration is dealing with al-Assad and Putin in Syria.

What is Russia’s involvement in Syria and why hasn’t Obama done anything about al-Assad yet?

al-Qaeda declares war against ISIS. Dr. Hamid explains what’s involved here.

Donna in Munich gives us an inside perspective of how Germans are reacting to the Syrian refugee crisis in Germany and what makes it so attractive for them to migrate there.

Why are Syrian Refugees attracted to Germany. Donna in Munich gives us some insight and the reaction of Germans.

Putin confirms Russian Military involvement in Syria’s civil war and what’s going on with al-assad? Is John Kerry’s phone call going to stop Putin? Here’s Radwan.

Herb in Jerusalem talks about Israel’s concerns in the Iran Nuclear Deal and if they think it will pass.

Mark gives us a European view of U.S. gun culture in the wake of 2 Journalists killed on live TV in Virginia.

Why would Iran be allowed to have self inspections in the nuclear deal? We discussed this with Kamran.

Mark from Europe talks about security and 3 U.S. Soldiers that prevented the terror attack on a train in France.