END OF ‘CALIPHATE’? US & Iraqi forces make final push to eradicate Mosul of ISIS. If Mosul falls, is it the end of ISIS? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

TRUMP’S MEDIA WAR: Will not attend annual media party. . .Bans certain big media from gaggle. . .Media “outraged”. . .”Offended”. . .Call Trump ‘Un-American’ & his actions a threat to media around the world. Hear from media outside the US.

TRUMP HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD: Epic press conference rattles Reality Journalists. . .Is Trump un-hinged or brilliantly manipulating the media? VTA special report.

FLYNN: Why did Trump fire his NSA chief? What did Russia have to do with it? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

MISSILE: N Korea’s latest missile test proves it is advancing its nuclear program. . .Is it getting help from China? Hear from VTA’s missile analyst from the Korean DMZ.

TEST: N Korea test-fires ballistic missile. . .Trump, Abe hold joint press conference in Fla. . .How will Trump respond? Will he break with decades-old ‘N Korea Policy’? Hear from VTA’s voices in S. Korea.

QUIET: Trump engages Turkey in battle against ISIS. . .Sends CIA director to Ankara. . .Erdogan remains mostly silent. . .Is he waiting until referendum in April? Hear from VTA’s voices in Turkey.

WOULD EXTREME VETTING PREVENT THIS? Terror attack at Louvre. . .Egyptian tourist shot after attacking police with machete. . .Would Trump’s extreme vetting plan address this risk? Hear from VTA’s voices in France.

YEMEN: US military operation against ISIS claims life of 1 US soldier. . .US military plane scuttled. . .Civilians killed. . .What happened? Hear from VTA’s Yemeni voices.

OPRAH: Venerable “60 Minutes” goes complete “Reality Journalism” and hires Oprah. VTA special report.

TRUMP WEEK: 7-nation immigration ban ignites global debate. . .Fulfills campaign promise. . .Hear from VTA’s voices throughout the Middle East.

WALL: Trump orders construction of Mexico Wall. . .Meeting with Mexican prez canceled. . .Will the wall be built? Who will pay? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.


TRUMP IS PRESIDENT: Global reaction.

THE WORLD BRACES: Trump set to become The Most Powerful Man in the World. . .Inherits Syria, Iraq, Af-Pak, N Korea, ISIS. . .Will Trump fulfill promises on Mexican border, Putin, Iran, Israel & domestic security? Hear from VTA’s voices in Syria, Iran, Europe.

‘BACKER OF ISIS’: Truck drives over Israeli soldiers. . .At least 4 dead. . .Bibi says ISIS attack. . .How will Israel respond? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

BATTLE MOSUL: US forces are inside Mosul firing weapons but still labeled “advisors”. . .What exactly is the US involvement? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Istanbul shooter kills 39 in trendy nightclub. . .Foreigners targeted. . .Security raised as #1 issue from Euro pols during New Year’s speeches. Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

PARTING SHOT: Obama endorses anti-Israel vote in UN. . .Israel accuses Obama of orchestrating resolution, vote. . .What is Obama’s beef with Israel? Hear from VTA’s voices in Tel Aviv.

SANCTIONS: Obama expels Russian diplomats, places economic sanctions on Russian elites. . .Will it deter Putin the Powerful? VTA special report.


putinRED LINE: Obama promises retaliation for Russian election hack. . .What are his option? And what is he waiting for? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

IRAN’S ALEPPO WIN: Crisis in Syria raises Iran’s regional power. . .Obama hands off to Trump. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

PERFECT OPRAH: Obamas turn once again to reality journalism to peddle hope. VTA special report.

turkeyTURKEY TERROR: 29 dead, dual explosions outside soccer stadium in Istanbul. . .Why can’t Erdogan control terror attacks? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Istanbul.

PUTIN DID IT: CIA concludes Russia helped Trump win the election. . .Trump denies, mocks. . .Do Americans care? Do they trust the CIA? VTA special report.

WHAT IF AL-ASSAD WINS? Aleppo under control of Syrian forces. . .Obama sends 200 more US troops. . .Has al-Assad won back control? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

ITALY REJECTS RENZI: Another anti-establishment vote? Will Italy exit the Euro? Are France & Germany next? VTA special report.

renziITALEAVE? Italians vote on constitutional changes. . .Next wave of anti-establishment campaigns. . .Will Italy follow Brexit & Trump? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

MOSUL: What is the status of the US/Iraq war to defeat ISIS? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.


fidelDEAD: Fidel passes. . .Anti-American leader for 57 years. . .How will his death impact US politics? Cuban politics? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Havana.




france-trump-protest-911192016_w315PRAISE & PROTEST: Trump’s win has foreigners happy and mad. . .Find out why some people outside the US support Trump & why others wish he lost.


aa-trumpTRUMP WINS, GLOBAL REACTION: Hear from VTA voices in Europe, Mexico, Russia, Iran, Israel. . .Plus our Global Media Spotlight gives you a chance to hear how foreign media covered Trump’s stunning win.

aaaTHE WORLD’S ELECTION: The globe awaits US election results. . .Establishment vs. Anti-Establishment. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Mexico, Canada, Europe & The Middle East. Plus, hear how foreign media are covering Trump & Hillary.


loretta_lynch_and_bill_clinton_meet_in_p_0_41315067_ver1-0_640_480PAYBACK: What is the genesis of FBI’s “October Surprise”? VTA special report.

RAQQA: US says Mosul-like battle for ISIS capital in Syria is imminent. . .But who will fight? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

OBAMA’S TURKEY: NATO partner continues to challenge US in Iraq and Syria. . .Can US defeat ISIS without support of NATO partner? What does Turkey want in Syria? In Iraq? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

donaldGLOBAL POLLS: Polls outside America show a sharp break from Americans’ preference. . .Find out who likes Trump, and who likes Hillary. . .And why the world’s opinion will impact the  next president.

BATTLE MOSUL: What’s really happening? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.



mosulBATTLE MOSUL: US, British, Iranian, Iraqi & Kurdish troops attempt to take final ISIS stronghold in Iraq. . .US special forces on ground, US Air Force in air. . .Turkey wants piece of the action. . .Will ISIS fight or flee? Where will refugees go? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

YEMEN WAR: Why are Houthi fighters firing on US ships? Will US be drawn into combat? Hear from VTA’s voices in Yemen.

THE BREXIT EFFECT: Is the US election really like BREXIT? VTA special report.

donald-trump-billy-bush-arianne-zucker-640x480WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Is the video scandal the tipping point for Trump? Or a snap-shot of anti-establishment outrage? VTA special report.

PUTIN THE POWERFUL: Missile defense shields, UN vetoes, Topic of US debates. . .Why is Putin dominating world news? And how should the next US president deal with him? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

LAS BREXIT VOTE: Colombia votes down historic peace deal with FARC. . .Polls have it wrong, again. . .Is this another Brexit? Hear from VTA’s voices in Colombia.

aleppo-2‘I LOST’: Syria descends further. . .Putin warns US to back off after agreeing to cease-fire just days ago. . .Syrian troops prepare final assault on Aleppo. . .Kerry admits defeat. Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

DEBATE: Global reaction to Trump vs. Hillary.


aaaTERROR IN AMERICA: Bomb attacks in NY, NJ. . .Stabbing in Minn. . .FBI interviewed Rahami. . .Father alerted FBI. . .Customs officials screened him after multiple trips to Af-Pak. . .Do US security services know how to spot radicalism? Hear from VTA’s terror analyst Tawfik Hamid.

CHEM ATTACK: US troops in Iraq hit with mustard gas. . .Blame ISIS. . .Battle for Mosul looms. . .What exactly is ISIS capable of? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

DEBATE: TRUMP v HILLARY Rd. 1. . .What questions would non-Americans ask? VTA special report.

bombTERROR IN AMERICA: Bombs in New York, New Jersey. . .Man stabs 8 in Minn mall. . .Are all these attacks linked? VTA special report.

SYRIOUS: US drops bomb on Syrian forces. . .Russia demands UN meeting. . .Cease-fire threatened. . .How did US manage to screw this up? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.


aleppo‘AND WHAT IS ALEPPO?’: Obama signs another Syria cease-fire with Putin the Powerful. . .What happened to previous cease-fires? What happened to Russia pulling out of Syria? Hear what Syrians think of Obama & Putin’s latest folly.

HALF, DEPLORABLE: Hillary repeats Romney gaff. . .But it all started on Israeli TV. VTA special report.

NUKES, BIGGER & BETTER: N Korea tests nuke. . .Kid Dictator proves again he is rapidly advancing nuclear program. . .Is Un doing it alone? At what point does US consider changing its policy? VTA special report.

9/11, VTA: On the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, Tony talks to the voice that launched Voice to America.

trump-pena-nieto-handshake.jpg.size.customthumb.cropthumb.640x360STATESMAN? Mexican president invites Trump & Hillary for visit. . .Trump accepts, Hillary declines. . .Why did Pena Nieto do this? Is the visit the reason Trump is climbing in the polls? What do Mexicans think of Trump’s visit? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

‘ASS OF PLANE’: Chinese snub Obama at G20. . .Do not provide stairs or red carpet for traditional airplane arrival. . .Obama forced to exit ‘ass’ of Air Force One. . .What is China’s message? VTA special report.


FARAGETRUMP GLOBAL: UK’s Brexit leader stumps for Trump. . .Links UK voters to American voters. . .Makes global case for anti-establishment. . .Why is Nigel Farage campaigning in the US? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

THREAT, MISSILE: N Korea tests sub missile, threatens to shoot US soldiers on DMZ. How serious is Kid Dictator? VTA special report.

lochINTERNATIONAL INCIDENT: US Olympic swimmer inches closer to admitting lie. . .”Over-Exaggerated” Rio bathroom stop. . .David vs Goliath back-lash after US athletes dominate Rio. Hear global reaction.

RANSOM: Obama admits the $400m paid to Iran is tied directly to hostage release. . .Did Obama violate sanctions? Could entire deal be scuttled? Did he flip-flop to protect Hillary? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TURKEY & JOE: VP Biden visits Turkey to negotiate Gulen. . .Erdogan insists US must extradite Gulen. . .What will Biden say? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

imam#muslimlivesmatter?: Imam shot in New York. . .Some congregants blame Trump. . .Believe murder is a hate crime. . .Police do not have motive. . .Is America a hostile and dangerous place for Muslims? VTA special report.

COLD TURKEY: Turkey demands extradition from US of Fathullah Gulen, alleged mastermind of quickie-coup. . .Obama stalling. . .Putin cozying up to Erdogan. . .How far is Turkey willing to push Obama? Hear from VTA’s voices in Turkey, Russia.

khanWRATH OF KHAN: Trump critic does popular media circuit in Middle East. . .How does his message play in Peshawar? VTA special report.

RANSOM: Greasy details of Iran deal drip. . .drip. . .drip. Did US pay Iran $400m for prisoner swap? Iran calls it ransom, Obama denies. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

KNIFE ATTACKS: Belgium, UK struck by terror attacks. . .American killed. . .Belgian police say ISIS, UK police say no ISIS. Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


putinWHO’S HACKING HILLARY? Democrats claim Putin behind computer hack. . .Motive to help Trump? Is this a diversion from the corruption the hacks reveal or a legitimate national security threat? Hear from VTA’s voices in Russia.

ISIS KILLS A PRIEST: Terror strikes the catholic church in France. . .Slaughter during mass. . .Terrorist under house arrest, another terrorist on watch list. . .Why can’t Europe secure itself? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


afghanISIS AGAIN: Attacks in Afghanistan, Germany. . .Confidence in pols, police erode. . .Europe on edge. Is this the new norm? VTA special report.

SHADY: US-Iran deal not as advertised. . .Leak exposes deal that favors Iran. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

PURGE: Erdogan rounds up the usual suspects in Turkey. . .Restrictions on private schools. . .What kind of democracy is this? Will Obama object? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

erdoganCOUP OR ‘COUP’? Erdogan obliquely blames U.S. for coup. . .Demands Obama extradite Turkish cleric living in Pennsylvania. . .Cleric accuses Erdogan of faking coup to consolidate power. . .Is Erdogan using Obama? What impact will coup have on U.S.? Syria? Russia? EU? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

NICE, ISIS: Truck terrorist praised by ISIS. . .France responds with 12,000 more police. . .Are these kinds of attacks the new normal? Or is there a solution? Hear from VTA’s voices in France, Europe.

dallasGLOBAL REACTION: Bahamas issues travel warning to U.S. after Dallas massacre. . .’Wild West’ gun culture narrative common in Euro media. . .Obama alters NATO trip to manage domestic crisis. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Bahamas, Europe.

MISSILE FROM THE OCEAN: N Korea launches another missile. . .From sub. . .What exactly is the Kid Dictator capable of? VTA special report.

ISIS AGAIN? Bangladesh terror attack kills 3 more. . .Government insists it’s not an ISIS or al Qaeda problem, just local gangs. . .Hear from VTA’s Bangladeshi voices.


Bangladesh Attack‘JV TEAM STRIKES AGAIN’: ISIS kills American and 19 others in Bangladesh. . .’Tortured’ victims before killing them. . .Istanbul airport also attacked. . .US warns similar attacks can occur at American airports.  . .Obama responds by saying ISIS is being defeated. How is ISIS executing so many attacks? Hear from VTA’s voices in Bangladesh, Turkey.

STATE OF ISIS: Is ISIS losing in Iraq, Syria as Obama insists? Hear from VTA’s voices in Baghdad.

BREXIT: Financial market stabilize. . .Panic subsides. . .Uncertainty remains. . .What does Brexit look like a week after the vote? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

brexit‘SHOCKING’: UK exits EU. . .Popular media and establishment frame Brexit a shock. . .Irony of ‘People Power’ lost on establishment. . .Is Brexit a preview of American elections? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe.

END OF EUROPE?: Does Brexit set in motion the demise of Europe? Is Putin the immediate winner? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

MISSILE: N Korea tests more missiles. . .Threatens US. . .Is Kid Dictator looking to talk or fight? VTA special report.

fatherWHAT DO AFGHANS THINK? Pulse Club shooter’s family moved from Afghanistan. . .Hear what Afghans think about the family, and why the terror attack occurred.

BREXIT: Will UK bail on EU? Is this another example of the lack of confidence in establishment? What impact will an exit have on US? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in UK.

TRUMP EFFECT: Pulse Club attack prompts Trump to re-state his ban on muslim immigrants until US immigration system is overhauled. . .Is this a good plan? Hear from VTA’s voices in Egypt, Iraq.

PUTIN PUSHED BACK: Obama escalates NATO presence in Europe. . .Putin threatened, declares retaliation. . .Is this finally a response to Ukraine, Crimea? And what will Putin actually do? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.


TERROR IN FLA: Gay nightclub targeted. . .At least 50 dead. . .Omar Saddiq Mateen ID’d as killer. . .Police suspect radical Islamic motives. Hear global reaction from VTA’s voices in Europe, Middle East.

TEAM PLAYER: al-Qaeda chief pledges allegiance to Taliban. . .Simpatico with new Taleb leader. . .Will this change terror? How does this impact US troops in Af-Pak? The drone war? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Af-Pak.

BREXIT: Polls show UK voters want exit from EU. . .Cameron nervous. . .What impact could UK exit have? Impact on US? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

NATO-RIOUS: Obama plays war games in Poland. . .Putin threatens retaliation for NATO build-up. What is Putin prepared to do? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.


GOAT: Ali passes. . .Global impact on Islam, civil rights, war & sports. . .Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Africa, Middle East, Europe.

ISIS ALERT: US embassy in S Africa warns of “near-term” attacks against Americans. . .Europe also on alert.  VTA special report.

BATTLE FALLUJAH, RAQQA: ISIS strongholds threatened by variety of forces. . .If these cities fall, can ISIS survive? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.


CANCEL? Doctors, scientists organize and call for Olympics to be canceled or moved due to Zika. . .How bad is it? Hear from VTA’s voices in Brazil.

TERROR SUPPORT? US forces in Syria wear Kurd patches. . .Turkey accuses US of supporting terror group. . .Is YPG a terror group? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

MEET THE NEW BOSS: Taliban name new leader after US kills old leader. . .Will this help Obama negotiate a peace deal? VTA special report.


DRONED: US kills Taliban leader in Af-Pak. . .Afghan government confirms kill. . .What impact will his death have? Hear from VTA’s Af-Pak voices.

EGYPTAIR: What caused the crash? What impact will this have on airport security? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian & Euro voices.

SECRET SYRIAN VISIT: Top US commander visits Syria. . .Why? VTA special report.

FAR RIGHT: Austrians on brink of electing 1st ultra-conservative president since WW2. . .Immigration is key issue. . .Is this a tipping point for Europe? For America? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.



STATE OF EMERGENCY? Obama says ISIS declares state of emergency in Syria. . .VTA’s Syrian voices tell us another story. Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices to find out why this may be a US propaganda campaign.

‘EL PAYASO’: Mexico shuffles its government, diplomatic corps to counter Trump. . .Image of Mexico is “out of date”. . .How much does Trump worry Mexico? How far is Mexico willing to go to stop Trump? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

ON THE BRINK: Venezuela declares State of Emergency. . .Basic necessities ‘scarce’. . .Maduro blames US. . .Is oil to blame for Venezuela’s crisis? VTA special report.


WHY WE DO VTA: Obama Op admits lying about Iran deal. . .Skewers popular media, public. . .”They literally know nothing.”. . .Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices who told us BEFORE the Iran deal what is being revealed to everyone else today.

INFERNO: Mid-sized Canadian city burned. . .90,000 citizens flee. . .”Complete devastation”.. .How can this happen in a nation like Canada? Hear from VTA’s voices from Ft. McMurray.

MUSLIM MAYOR: London elects 1st muslim mayor. . .What impact will this have in UK? Europe? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.



Guest host Jim Sharpe in for Tony Femino… on today’s show we’re headed to Iraq where protesters have flooded the Green Zone. We’ll also talk about the right wing backlash in Germany. Will the new party be discounted as a racist, Islamophobic group or as a true political movement?


UK’s TRUMP? Obama threatens UK over Brexit. . .Mayor of London rips Obama, plays “Kenyan card”. . .Why is Obama inserting himself into UK politics? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

PERISCOPE UP: N Korea test-fires missile from sub. . .Kid Dictator threatens US, offers deal to Obama. . .How should US respond? VTA special report.

TALIBAN DON’T LOOK DEAD: Taliban strike in heart of Kabul. . .28 dead, hundreds wounded. . .Obama insists Taleb are “defeated”. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Kabul.


THE SAUDI CONNECTION: 9/11 report connecting Saudi government to 9/11 regurgitates anxiety from The Kingdom. . .Saudis threaten economic punishment ahead of Obama visit to Riyadh. . .US congress fights to make public 28 pages of “secrets”. . . Is it true the Saudi government supported 9/11? And why all the fuss now? Hear from VTA’s voices throughout the Middle East.

IMPEACH: Brazil’s president fights for her job. . .Rousseff calls it a “coup”. . .Accused of “funny money”. . .What happens if S. America’s largest democracy kicks out its elected leader? Hear from VTA’s voices in Rio.

OBAMA PUSHES REFUGEES: 1,500 Syrian refugees per month are US quota. . .Is this a good idea? What lessons has Obama learned from Europe’s migrant crisis? VTA special report.



THE PANAMA DUMP: World leaders named in tax-haven schemes. . .Iceland PM first to fall. . .UK PM scrambling. . .But is anything illegal?. . .Will The Panama Papers affect the US elections? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iceland, UK.

THE TERROR ATTACK AMERICA PREDICTED: Suicide bomber strikes again in Turkey. . .US warned of attack hours before explosion. . .Why are so many terror attacks hitting Turkey, and is there anyway to stop them? VTA special report.


THE MASS GRAVES OF SYRIA: ISIS slaughter in Palmyra uncovered. . .Putin’s jets provide air cover for Syrian army even though Russia “ends” military campaign in Syria. . .What is the significance of Palmyra? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

“SPIRIT” OF THE DEAL: Obama rips Iran for not holding up its end of the nuke deal. . .Stops short of accusing Iran of violating deal. . .What’s Obama’s point? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.



THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD: Obama travels to Cuba. . .Uses controversial trip as bait for Iran. . .Glances over ISIS attack in Belgium. . .Is this working? VTA special report.

ISIS STRIKES EUROPE: Brussels hit. . .4 Americans dead. . .Is this attack a tipping point or today’s cost of living in a free society? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe, Egypt, Israel.


ISIS KILLS US MARINE: Rocket attack in northern Iraq also wounds 3 American soldiers. . .Build-up to the Battle for Mosul?. . .Obama “no boots on the ground”. . .Hear from Iraqi voices.

LA HOBAMA: Obama, wife, kids, step mother visit Cuba. . .Will watch beisbol with Raul Castro. . .Castro Bros deny access to dissidents. . .Is Obama on the right track with his ‘thaw’? Hear from Cuban voices.

PUTIN PULLS OUT: Russia announces end of war operations in Syria. . .’Mission accomplished’. . .Is Putin serious? Or is this another bluff? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

2 AMERICANS KILLED BY SUICIDE ATTACK: Istanbul hit again. . .3 other tourists die. . .Can Turkey secure itself from terror? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Turkey.



TOO MUCH, OR JUST ENOUGH? Violence enters US elections. . .Trump “can expect” regular “attacks”. . .Is this a tipping point for US politics? Hear global reaction.

TEST OR VIOLATION: Iran tests missiles. . .Obama, Iran say does not violate nuke deal. . .Why not? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

OBAMA BLAMES UK: Libya crisis is Europe’s fault. . .Obama singles out David Cameron. . .Hear what British voices have to say about Obama’s analysis.


BATTLE MOSUL:  US effort to defeat ISIS “already underway”. . .Can ISIS survive if its “capitol” falls? How many US troops will need to fight? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

‘MILITARIZING’ S. CHINA SEA: US accuses China, then China accuses US. . .What is the impact of so much military buildup in Asia’s waters? VTA special report.

BIG HANDS: A look at how foreign media covered the Trump debate.




IRAN VOTE: Moderates win. . .Nuclear deal widely viewed as springboard for voters’ decision. . .A win for Rouhani and Obama? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

F@#%: Two of Mexico’s ex-presidents rip into Trump’s border policy. . .Compare Trump to Hitler. . .Warn Americans about Trump. . .Is this good advice for Americans or Mexicans or both? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

‘Cease’ Fire: Obama’s cease-fire-of-cessation-of-hostilities allegedly underway. . .Why it is doomed to fail. VTA special report.


TURKEY AT CROSSROADS: Terror bombing kills 28, targets military, foreigners. . .Turkey blames Kurds. . .Erdogan, Obama clash over Kurds role in Syria. . .Will Turkey send ground troops to Syria? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

APPLE vs. FBI: ISIS terrorist’s iPhone ignites debate over privacy. . .Shadow of Snowden looms. . .Apple refuses to help FBI. Who’s right? VTA special report.

POPE-ON-A-ROPE: Pope rips Trump over Mexican border. . .Trump fires back, then wins S Carolina. . .Why is The Pope inserting himself in US politics? VTA special report.


WHO’S THE FOOL? Russia brokers “Cessation of Hostilities” in Syria. . .Russia allows itself to keep bombing during “cessation”!. . .al-Assad tells Euro media that he is close to victory. . .Saudis, Turks, UAE willing to send ground troops, want Obama approval. Is Obama again playing the fool to Putin? Hear from VTA’s Syrian, Egyptian, Euro voices.

“NEW COLD WAR”: Russia looks back decades to describe its current relationship with West. . .But is it accurate to describe tensions with Russia as Cold War-like? VTA special report.



ON TIME, AS EXPECTED: N Korea launches long-range rocket. . .Comes 1 month after nuke test. . .Obama scolds Kid Dictator, calls for UN meetings. . .Is N Korea launching satellites? What kind of threat do these tests pose to US? What should Obama do? VTA special report.

SYRIA FOLD: Obama’s peace talks fail, again. . . .al-Assad/Putin seize Aleppo. . .Migrant crisis swells. . .Turkey, Europe brace for spike of refugees. . .Gulf states call for “boots on the ground”. . .Why is Obama so poorly managing Syria? Hear from VTA’s Syrian, Russian, & Euro voices.



COVER UP: Italy hides “offensive” art as Iran’s president visits. . .Is Italy just being a thoughtful host, or is the nation ashamed of its art? Hear from VTA’s Italian voices.

MERKEL, REALLY & THE JEWELRY LAW: German leader now says refugees must leave when Syrian, Iraq wars end. . .Is this possible? Denmark enacts law that requires migrants to “pay” for entry. . .Is this fair? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

‘PEACE’ TALKS: Syrian peace talks continue amid massive bombings in Damascus. . .What are the chances of a political solution? VTA special report.


MILITARY OPTION: Kerry announces US military option for Syria ahead of peace talks. . .Report: US has air base inside Syria. . .Would Obama risk war against Syria in final year? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

VISA: US begins limits on visitors who travelled to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan. . .Dual citizens also impacted. . .Will this help fight terror? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.



ADDED VALUE: Iran/US swap prisoners ahead of sanctions relief. . .7-for-5. . .Two known Americans remain in Iran. . .Iran capture-and-propaganda event embarrasses US Navy. . .Obama declares diplomatic victory. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

ISIS, al-QAEDA ATTACK: Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia. . .Starbucks, Blue Mosque. . .ISIS and al-Qaeda prove again they can kill and destroy all over the globe. Hear from VTA’s voices in Africa.



‘SCOOP’: Sean Penn interviews El Chapo. . .America’s new ‘gold-standard’ of journalism. . .How did Penn find drug lord when US and Mexican authorities could not? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

NOW YOU TELL US: Germany reconsiders migrant policy after rampant, organized sex assaults. . .Public protests in Cologne, Munich, Berlin. . .Will Merkel buckle? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Europe.

H-BOMB: N Korea’s Kid Dictator claims success in H-bomb test. . .US skeptical. . .Who’s lying? And how will Obama respond? VTA special report.


‘TOPPLE REGIME’: Saudis execute Shia cleric after warning from Iran. . .Iran predicts fall of House of Saud. . .Saudi embassy burns in Tehran. . .Will this further ignite sectarian violence? How will it effect Syria, Iraq, Yemen? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Iran.

TEL AVIV MANHUNT: Gunman who killed 2 still at large. . .ISIS link?. . .Bibi unveils new “Arab Security” plan. Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.



‘WINDING DOWN’: 6 US soldiers killed by Talib in Af-Pak. . .Obama still framing war as ‘winding down’. . .How has the Talib out-lasted America’s longest war? And how strong is the Taliban? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Kabul.

BATTLE RAMADI: Iraqi (and US) forces enter Ramadi to battle ISIS. . .If Ramadi is won, will Mosul be next? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iraq.

1 STEP FORWARD, 2 STEPS BACK: Syrian peace talks set for Jan. . .Top rebel leader killed. . .Will this derail any chance for peace? VTA special report.




POODLE: John Kerry announces US support for Bashar al-Assad. . .Reversal from just weeks ago. . .Putin sways Obama again. . .Russia hints at escalated military campaign in Syria. . .Why is Obama flip-flopping again? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

‘NEW’ TERROR: Obama claims San Bernardino new style of terror. . .Evidence shows these types of attacks have occurred repeatedly in the US since 9/11. . .Why is Obama claiming otherwise? VTA special report.



BAN: Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants raises his polling numbers. . .Critics say ‘un-American,” illegal. . .Hear from Muslims from around the world.

TALIBAN ATTACK: Spanish embassy in Kabul raided, bombed. . .12 reported dead. . .US forces called in to fight Taliban. . .Obama insists Taliban are weak. Hear from VTA’s voices in Kabul.

RANSOM: U.S. congressman says FBI attempted to pay ransom to Taliban for Bowe Bergdahl. . .Money paid, but Bergdahl not handed over. . .Obama insists the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists. VTA special report.



‘MY FELLOW AMERICANS:’ Obama readies terror speech. . .Will explain plan to keep Americans safe from terrorists. . .Must overcome current claims that ISIS is contained, and America is safe from ISIS. . .What is a good plan? VTA special report.

PAK: ISIS Bride from Pakistan. . .What effect will this have on US-Pak relations? Hear from VTA’s Pak voices.

LONDON, CHAD & U2: Attacks in London and Chad linked to ISIS. . .Claim 27 lives. . .Popular media focus on U2 concert in Paris.  Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


PUTIN GOES SOFT: Russian jet shot down by Turks. . .Putin responds ‘Obama-style’ with sanctions. . .Turks insist Russia violated sovereignty. . .Has Putin blinked? Hear from VTA’s Russian, Turkish voices.

ICEBERGS, NOT ISIS: Climate summit in Paris shifts attention away from ISIS. . .Global warming replaces terrorism. . .Is this prudent? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


THIS IS BELGIUM TODAY: ‘Imminent threat’ warning across nation. . .Subways, trains, neighborhoods in lockdown due to terror threat. . .Citizens urged to stay home, avoid public gathering. . .Why is Belgium targeted? Or is it overkill after Paris? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

HOW TO FIGHT ISIS: What strategy would actually work? VTA special report. . .hear from former Islamic terrorists.

REFUGEES: Can the US handle Syrian refugees? What are the threats? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.


SHOCK, NO SURPRISE: ISIS strikes Paris. . .World leaders react, still struggle with how to respond. . .How does free world defeat ISIS? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe, Middle East.


‘99.9% SURE’: US, UK certain ISIS bombed Russian jet. . .What does this mean for war against ISIS? How will world react? How will Putin react? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices. Also hear from VTA terror expert. We will also talk to “Wauchula Ghost” someone who is fighting the online war on ISIS and extremest groups by shutting down their social media sites. Find out the greatest concern about ISIS on the internet.

Jim Sharpe fills in for Tony.


DID ISIS DO THIS? Russian jet down in Egypt. . .All dead. . .ISIS claims responsibility. . .Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates all refuse to fly in Sinai area. Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

BOOTS ON GROUND: Obama sends troops to Syria. . .Claims he’s not putting boots on the ground. . .Orders to fight ISIS. . .Is this a good move? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices?


NO BOOTS ON GROUND: First U.S. soldier dies fighting ISIS in Iraq. . .’Combat death,’ yet Obama insists no U.S. ground combat in Iraq. . .Is the U.S. secretly using infantry? And why is Iraq’s government publicly criticizing the American effort? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

SORRY: Tony Blair apologizes for Iraq War. . .Flip flop after 12 years. . .Takes partial blame for rise of ISIS. . .Why apologize now? What effect will this have on the war against ISIS? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

MAXIMUM LEADER: al-Assad visits Putin. . .1st foreign visit since Syria war started. . .John Kerry meets later with Russian FM. . .Is this the beginning of a political solution? Or Putin manipulating Obama again? VTA special report.



OBAMA’S NEXT DEAL? N Korea offered Iran-style deal. . .Kid Dictator reacts by demanding peace treaty. . .Is Obama serious? VTA special report.

BOILING: Israelis, Palestinians clash. . .Lone wolf attacks? Is this a “new” intifada? Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel.

AF-PAK SHIFT: Obama announces troop extension. . .America’s longest war gets longer. . .Why have the Taliban hung in? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.


TURKEY’S 9/11: Almost 100 dead after terror attack in Ankara. . .ISIS? PKK? Government? No one claims responsibility. . .Media blackout ordered. . .What happens to America’s most reliable ally in region? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

BAGHDAD WARMS TO PUTIN: Iraq willing to offer entre for Russian military. . .Target ISIS. . .Where does this leave US military? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

PAY: US will pay victims of last week’s hospital bombing in Afghanistan. . .Obama apologizes. . .US military leader previously blamed Afghan government. How active is US military in Af-Pak? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.



WINDING DOWN’: US hits Afghan hospital. . .Multiple dead, injured. . .UN condemns as “war crime’. . .Response to Taliban surge in Kunduz. . .Obama says he’s sorry. . .Obama said Af-Pak War winding down almost 2 year ago. . .How could US make such a mistake? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.

PUTIN’S FOOL: Russia at war in Syria. . .Obama again caught off guard. . .How will this impact US efforts throughout Middle East? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

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THE POLITICAL POPE: Francis dominates US, global politics. . .Immigration, climate change, capitalism spot-lighted. . .3rd-most powerful politician in America, spends day with Francis, abrubtly retires. . .What did we learn from the Pope? VTA special report.

HAJJ: Hundreds killed in stampede. . .Saudis criticized. . .What will political impact be? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

PUTIN SAVES ASSAD: Russian president openly challenges Obama’s strategy in Syria. . .Will keep Assad in Syria because of US policy in Iraq, Libya. . .How will Obama react?

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BLINK: Obama shifts. . .Now willing to talk to Putin about military buildup in Syria. . .Is this a repeat of Obama’s “Red-Line Fiasco” from 2-years ago? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

WIMPER: Obama gets his Iran deal without a fight from congress. . .Deadline passes with little attention. . .What happens now? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

POPE IN AMERICA: Francis heads to US via Cuba, fresh off his successful brokering of thaw. . .What does Francis hope to accomplish this time? Hear from VTA’s Vatican voices.

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PUTIN ENTERS SYRIA WAR: Russian troops on ground. . .Obama says they must go. . .Al-Assad life-line. . .How will US and Russian troops co-exist? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

‘FALSE’ ISIS: al-Qaeda chief says ISIS is phony. . .Declares war against ISIS. . .Why? Does this help Obama? VTA special report.

DONE DEAL: Congress backs Obama’s Iran deal. . .Does it mean it’s a good deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

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IS PUTIN MUSCLING INTO SYRIA? Obama believes Russia is building military presence in Syria. . .Putin mum, but promotes elections for al-Assad. . .Is Russia sending troops to back al-Assad? Hear from VTA’s Syrian, Russian voices.

ALL BUT DONE: Obama believes he has the votes for Iran deal. . .What happens now? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

REFUGEE: Euro crisis over refugees flooding into Germany, Austria. . .Is it Europe’s fault that so many people are fleeing Syria, Iraq? VTA special report.

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JAILED FOR JOURNALISM? Egypt sentences 3 journos from Al-Jazeera. . .’Aiding’ Muslim Bros. . .’False’ reporting. . .Obama condemns. . .Didn’t the US accuse Al-Jaz of similar reporting 10 years ago? Is Egypt right or is this censorship? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

TV TERROR: Gunman  kills on live TV in US. . .Globe questions American ‘gun culture’. . .Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Europe.



USA! USA!: Americans thwart terrorist on train in France. . .Terrorist on watch list. . .Known to 4 security services. . .What if the Americans weren’t on the train? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe.

SELF-INSPECT: Iran will inspect its own nuclear facility as part of Obama nuke deal. . .How could this possibly be agreed upon? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

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HISTORIC: US embassy opens in Cuba. . .Is embargo next? Castro demands “millions” from US. . .Dissidents kept from embassy. . .Is Obama on the right side of history? Hear from VTA’s Cuban voices.

THE PERFECT ISIS COUPLE: American couple accused of attempting to join ISIS. . .Planned “honeymoon” in Syria. . .Popular media claim it’s a mystery that the couple could sympathize with ISIS. . .Is it? VTA special report.

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ALREADY? Iran’s Quds general violates UN  sanctions and travels to Russia to meet Putin. . .Obama “seeking” facts. . .If Iran already is wobbling on deal, will it ever respect Obama? Hear from VTA’s Russian, Iranian voices.

CLOSER TO ASSSAD: Obama shifts Syria policy. . .Offers air defense to Syrian rebels. . .Does this bring US closer to war with Assad? Is it a good plan to defeat ISIS? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

TRUMP: How would Donald Trump be viewed on global stage if elected president? VTA special report.

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DOUBLE GAME? Afghan gov’t says Mullah Omar has been dead since 2013. . .Held by Pak military. . .Did US know? Why keep it secret? Hear from VTA’s Afghan, Pak voices.

CECIL THE LION: Why are Americans so outraged? Does the rest of the world feel the same? VTA special report.

CITIZEN JOURNALIST IN STUDIO: Mark from Europe visits VTA studios.

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DEAL OR NO DEAL? Congress pushes back on Iran deal. . .Is it theatre or is there a chance to scuttle the deal? Iran says no military inspections despite deal. . .Is this theatre or reality? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

SPY: Obama set to release Israeli spy. . .Is this to appease Israel after Iran deal? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

TURKEY BOMBS: Kurds attacked in Iraq. . .Are these the same Kurds the US enlists to fight ISIS? If so, why is Turkey killing them? VTA special report.

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DEAL: Obama gets deal with Iran, immediately challenges critics. . .Congress to review. . .Who wins? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iran, Israel, Egypt, Europe.

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DEADLINE? Obama, Iran still talking after blowing through 3 additional deadlines. . .Is this a sign of progress? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

SERIOUSLY, THIS TIME WE MEAN IT: EU blinks, surrenders to Greek tactics. . .Bailout still offered after another red line ignored. . .Obama encourages bailout. Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

SO, ISIS IS IN AF-PAK: ISIS leader in Af-Pak droned by US. . .Tacit confirmation that ISIS is established in Af-Pak. . .Will US troops fight ISIS? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Kabul.

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BLINK: Obama backs off military inspections. . .Iran backs off immediate sanction relief. . .Is a deal imminent? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GREEK CHICKEN: Referendum today, after EU bailout deadline passes. . .Is the EU serious about letting go of Greece? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

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‘INCOMPLETE’ PLAN: ISIS strikes on 3 continents. . .1-year anniversary of ‘caliphate’. . .Style of attacks encompasses variety of ways ISIS can terrorize. . .Do we accept this as the new normal, or can the US defeat ISIS? VTA special report.

3 DAYS: Iran nuke deadline Tuesday. . .Right to inspect vs. sanctions. . .Who blinks? Or can either party walk away? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GREXIT: Greece calls another referendum on EU bailout package. . .Euros outraged. . .Is Greece really on the brink? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

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AGAIN? U.S. says Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons. . .Is this a breach of Obama’s no-nukes deal? Or has al-Assad obtained new weapons? And what is Obama gonna do about it? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

GREXIT: Will Greece exit EuroZone? What happens to US economy if it does? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

DEADLINE: Iran-U.S. nuke deadline just days away. . .Will the comprehensive deal get done? What is Obama willing to negotiate in the final days? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

DUH: U.S. publishes report stating that ISIS is most dangerous terror organization. . .Overtakes al-Qaeda. . .Is this report fuel for troops on the ground in Iraq? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

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‘INCOMPLETE”: Obama says his ISIS strategy in Iraq is incomplete. . .Deploys 450 new soldiers to train Sunni militia. . .What will ‘complete’ Obama’s plan? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

SNOWDEN COMPROMISED: Russia, China reportedly have cracked Snowden’s secret cache. . .UK spies, assets coming in from the cold. . .’Blood on his hands’. . .Has Snowden’s plan backfired? VTA special report.

2 WEEKS: US-Iran  nuke deadline looms. . .Is June 30 do-or die? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

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‘TRUST ME’: Putin tells Obama, Euros they should not fear Russia. . .’Crazy’ to go to war with NATO. . .Nixed from G7 in Germany. . .Ukraine violence increases. . .How can Obama stop Putin? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

FUDGING IRAN, ISIS: US makes claims that appear fuzzy. . .”10,000″ ISIS fighters killed. . .Iranian enrichment up since nuclear talks. “not a problem,” according to Obama. What gives? Hear from VTA’s Iranian, Iraqi voices.

AMERICA SAVES SOCCER: FIFA boss resigns. . .World thanks U.S. VTA special report.

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NEGOTIATOR-IN-CHIEF: Cuba off terror list. . .Nothing in return for US. . .Iran talks 1 month from deadline. . .Is Obama a skilled negotiator? Hear from VTA’s Cuban, Iranian voices.

FANTASY ISLANDS: US warns China to stop building militarized islands. . .Can Obama stop China? VTA special report.

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IS ISIS WINNING? Ramadi, Husayba fall to ISIS. . .US blames “sand storm” for defeat. . .Syrian territory also falls to ISIS. . .Is Obama’s war working? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

WAR ‘RESTARTS’ IN YEMEN: Saudi bombs hit Houthis. . .Peace talks flounder. Hear from VTA’s Yemeni “citizen journalists.”



US TROOPS IN SYRIA: Delta Force kills ISIS ‘money man’. . .’Hand-to-hand’ combat. . .Is Obama shifting policy? Boots on ground? How will ISIS respond? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

BACKFIRE: Gulf nations snub Obama. . .DC summit a rebuke of Obama’s Iran policy. . .Saudis threaten nuclear arms race. . .Does anybody support an Iran deal? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Iran, UAE.

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ISIS IN AMERICA: Terror attack thwarted in Texas. . .ISIS claims responsibility, promises more attacks. . .Has ISIS infiltrated the US? VTA special report.

UK ELECTIONS: Conservative landslide. . .Polls completely wrong. . .What does this mean for America’s closest ally? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in UK.

UN FIRES MISSILES: N Korea launches new missiles. . .What does Kim Jong-Un want? How will Obama respond? VTA special report.

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Jude LaCava & Zuhdi Jasser guest-host VTA. . .Coverage of ISIS, Baltimore riots, Syria.

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REVENGE OF THE DRONES: US drone accidentally kills American, Italian hostages in Af-Pak. . .Was Obama hiding the news?. . .Why are drones so popular in America? Why are US drones hated throughout so much of the world? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Pakistan.

THE BELLWETHER WAR: US/Saudi/Egypt bloc declares war over in Yemen. . .No evidence goals were met, reports indicate bombs still being dropped. . .Is Obama’s Yemen strategy solid? Hear from VTA’s voices in Yemen, Egypt.

VTA radio archives at iHeartradio.com


ISIS STRIKES US IN ERBIL: Iraq’s safest city is attacked. . .Car-bomb at entrance to US Consulate. . .ISIS makes gains in Anbar. . .Is Obama’s war working? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iraq.

ISIS MARKS AF-PAK: Major attack in Jalalabad. . .Dozens killed. . .Will US troops fight ISIS? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Kabul.

VTA archives at iHeartradio.com


‘AN HONEST MAN’: Obama and Castro meet 1-on-1 in Panama. . .Further discuss normalizing relations. . .Castro lectures America. . .What can we learn about Iran negotiations from Cuba negotiations? Hear from VTA’s Cuban voices.

WOBBLY: Obama hedges on Iran ‘deal’. . .Ayatollah and Iranian prez challenge Obama’s version of ‘deal’. . .Is this gamesmanship? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

COMING TO AMERICA: Iran PM makes first visit to DC. . .Will ask for weapons, but has no money to pay. . .Will these weapons benefit US? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

VTA archives at iHeartradio.com


WHAT’S THE DEAL? US-Iran negotiations extended. . .Popular media claim ‘deal’. . .Obama produces ‘fact sheet’, Iran disputes. . .What actually happened in Switzerland? Hear from VTA’s Iranian, European, Israeli voices.

SHABAAB MASSACRE: Terror group slaughters students in Kenya. . Promises more attacks. . .How can al-Shabaab be stopped? VTA special report.

VTA archives at iHeartradio.com


ARAB WAR: Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen.. .Egypt, UK back war against Houthis. . .al Qaeda, ISIS vow to thrive. How will Obama play Yemen? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Sanaa, Cairo.

THE ‘FAKE’ DEAL: Tuesday’s Iran-US nuke deadline is really no deadline at all. Find out why from VTA’s Iranian voices.

KILLER IN COCKPIT: Could Lufthansa be bankrupted by Germanwings crash? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Europe.


WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF GOOD?  US claims deal with Iran is near. . .Guarantees it will not sign “bad” deal. . .What is the definition of “bad” deal? What is a “good” deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

ISIS FLEXES: Slaughter in Yemen, Tunisia. . .US pulls troops from Yemen, only drones remain. . .How will US defeat ISIS? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Sanaa.

BIBI WINS: Israelis re-elect Netanyahu. . .Obama re-assessing US-Israel relationship. . .What does this mean for Iran talks? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Tel Aviv.


LETTER TO IRAN: GOP senators send threatening letter to Ayatollah Khomeini. . .Obama outraged. . .Treason? Illegal? How will it affect negotiations? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

ISIS ACCEPTS BOKO: Caliphate now extends to western Africa. . .How should US respond? VTA special report.

BIBI ON THE BRINK? Netanyahu threatened in elections. . .Israeli’s turned off by Iran speech in US. . .What happens to Iran talks if Netanyahu loses? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Jerusalem.


WILL IT PAY OFF? Netanyahu gives speech, reveals nothing new. . .Israeli elections days away. . .How will Obama get ‘revenge’? And how will the speech impact Iran talks? Hear from VTA’s Iranian and Israeli voices.

BATTLE TIKRIT: Iran backs Iraqi forces in showdown with ISIS. . .No US advisors or air force. . .Why? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Iraq.

VENEZUELA ON THE BRINK? Maduro orders sanctions against US diplomats. . .Severe economic crunch. . .Can Maduro hold on? Hear from VTA’s voices from Caracas.


DRAMA: Bibi heads to Washington. . .Will openly challenge Obama on Iran nuke talks. . .Obama rebuts Netanyahu before his speech. Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel.

PUTIN THE POWERFUL: Opposition killed in front of Kremlin. . .Putin says he will try to find killer. . .No evidence of cease fire in Ukraine. Can Putin be stopped? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

JIHAD JOHN: ISIS front man revealed. . .College educated, middle-class Londoner. . .Obama insists ‘poverty’ is behind terrorism. Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in UK.