THE EURO ARMY: Trump in Paris. . .Macron pushes for Euro army to protect against US. . .Is this a move against Trump? NATO? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

KHASHOGGI TAPES: Erdogan says US, Saudis & Euros have heard tapes of journo being killed. . .Trump says he hasn’t heard anything. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

ACOSTA: Trump brawls with CNN journo. . .Hear global reaction.

IRAN SQUEEZE: Trump maximizes sanctions. . .Loopholes. . .How will Iran respond? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

LONG GOODBYE: Merkel sets exit in Germany. . .May be out by Christmas. . .Where does this leave institutional government in Europe? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

TRUMP OF THE TROPICS: Brazil votes. . .Trump-style candidate poised to win. . .What are voters seeking? Hear from VTA’s Brazilian voices.

THE KASHOGGI STORY: Saudis shift explanation. . .Turkey backs off. . .What long-lasting impact will the death of Kashoggi have on The Kingdom? VTA special report.

COMING TO AMERICA: Another mass migration heads to US border. . .Originates in Honduras. . .Trump threatens to cut off aid to Central American nations if they don’t halt. . .Is this a political stunt? Hear from VTA’s voices in Honduras.

KILLED: Saudi journo confirmed murdered in Turkish consulate. . .MBS claims ignorance, promises to investigate. . .Trump soft-pedals. . .What are the global ramifications of Khashoggi death? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

TRUMP CANCELS PUTIN: US exits missile treaty with Russia. . .How will Putin respond? VTA special report.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KHASHOGGI? Saudi critic/journo disappears in Istanbul. . .Turkey alleges murder. . .Saudis tap-dance. . .Trump defends US relationship with Prince. . .What is Saudi strategy? How will Trump handle? Hear from VTA’s voices in Turkey and Middle East.