INDIA LOCKDOWN: 1.3 billion ordered to stay home. . .Crushing poverty, lack of hospital beds likely will lead to catastrophe. . .As U.S. & Europe’s deaths surge, India is on the brink? Hear from VTA’s Indian voices.

1 WEEK AHEAD: Italy deaths surge in Lombardy. . .Spain readies for first wave. . .U.S. likely 1 week away and watching Europe for best practices. Hear from VTA’s voices in Italy & Spain and learn how they are navigating coronavirus crisis.

EUROPE’S WUHAN: Europe now epicenter of pandemic. . .Lockdowns now in Spain, Italy. . .Severe restrictions across Europe. . .Trump bans US flights. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Spain, France.

ITALY IS CHINA: 10 million Italians quarantined. . .Lockdown in Lombardy. . .Financial capital paralyzed. . .Jail, fines for violators. Hear from VTA’s Italian voices.

VIRAL: Coronavirus goes viral. . .”Talk” of the globe. . .Economy buckling. . .Hear how different continents are handling it from our voices in Europe, Asia, N America.

TALIB ARE WINNING: U.S. & Afghans claim a peace deal is close. . .The Taliban are silent. . .VTA’s voice from Pakistan says the Taliban will dictate terms of any deal because they are winning on the battlefield.

RACISM PANDEMIC? Has coronavirus unleashed racism against the Chinese? Chinese state-sponsored media says so. VTA special report.

TRAVEL BAN: Trump blocks visitors from China. . .U.S. airlines stop flights. . .Quarantine mandatory. . .Will Trump’s plan work? VTA special report.

VIRUS: China locks down major city due to deadly coronavirus. . .New case in California. . .Sports cancel, business conferences cancel. . .Chinese government claims “transparency”. VTA special report.

HARD MEGXIT: Queen orders clean brake for Harry & Meghan. . .U.S. market poised to leverage ex-royals. VTA special report.

‘DEATH TO LIARS’: Iranians turn against Khamanei, government. . .Botched PR after deadly jet fiasco ignites street protests. . .Trump tweets in Farsi. . .Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TRUMP KILLS SOLEIMANI: #2 in Iran assassinated. . .Middle East stunned. . .Iran promises “eye-for-an-eye”. . .Trump warns of retaliation. VTA special report. Hear from voices in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel.

IT: Russia/China get UN cover to better control the internet. . .US/Euros warn. . .What does “less” internet” look like? VTA special report.

IMPEACH: Global reaction to Trump’s impeachment. VTA special report.

LANDSLIDE: Boris wins big. . .Brexit set for January. . .Are UK elections an indicator for US? VTA special report.

THE SAUDI PROBLEM: Terrorists from The Kingdom again infiltrate the U.S.. . .Welcomed inside U.S. naval base. . .Trump shields Saudi government. VTA special report.

“REHABILITATED”: Terror strikes London again. . .Convicted torrorist let out of jail early. . .Attended “rehab” program for criminals before killing 2. Hear from VTA’s voices in UK & former radicalized terrorist.

IRAQ PROTESTS: Violence intensifies. . .Over 300 dead. . .Is it just Iraqis fed up with government, or are foreign countries attempting to destabilize? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

BRELECTION: Boris gambles on general elections. . .5 weeks until vote. . .Brexit referendum 2.0. . .Trump weighs in. . .How does this impact Brexit? Hear from VTA’s Brit voices.

DEAD: ISIS leader killed during US military strike. . .What impact does it have on ISIS?. . .How will ISIS respond? VTA special report.

BREXIT BLOCK: Parliament stalls BoJo’s attempt to exit. . .Will It Ever End? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

EXIT TURKEY: Trump pulls troops. . .Kurds: ‘back-stabbed’. . .Erdogan sends in the troops. . .Trump’s allies & enemies criticize, predict resurgence of ISIS. Hear from VTA’s Syrian, Turkish voices.

INSIDE THE WIRE: Police employee slaughters officers in Paris police station. . .Terror links. . .Red flags for years. . .How can an insider attack like this happen? VTA special report.

THE UKRAINE CALL: Impeachment proceedings begin after details released of Trump & Zelensky call. . .Smoking gun or ‘swamp’ politics? Hear from VTA’s Ukrainian voices.

‘ACT OF WAR’: Pentagon sends additional troops to Saudi Arabia. . .Pompeo visits Kingdom. . .Saudis again threaten response. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TIPPING POINT?: Saudi oil struck by drones. . .Iran-backed Houthis take credit. . .Oil prices jolted. . .Saudis promise to respond. Hear from VTA’s Iranian, Yemeni voices.

YOU’RE FIRED!: Trump cancels peace deal with Taliban. . .Claims Taliban were set to travel to D.C.. . .Art of The Deal or the extension of America’s Longest War? Hear from VTA’s voices in Af-Pak.

BOJO BLOCK: UK PM suspends parliament in attempt to exit. . .Opponents claim ‘coup’. . .Is Brexit finally happening? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

G7: Trump Meets With Leaders Of Richest Nations. . .Brexit Battle. . .BoJo Could Use Trump As Life Line. . .Iran Deal Used As Leverage? Hear From VTA’s Euro Voices.

PEACE? Trump pushes to end America’s longest war. . .Taliban poised to “win”. . .What would a peace deal look like? What would US legacy be? Hear from VTA’s voices in Afghanistan & Pakistan.

GAME ON: Trump invites Zarif to White House. . .Zarif rejects. . .Iran warns of N Korea scenario. . .Can Trump bring Iran to the table? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

SAME AS THE OLD BOSS? UK elects Boris Johnson as PM. . .Promises to deliver Brexit. . .What can Boris accomplish that May could not? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

PAYBACK: Iran seizes UK tanker. . .UK says tit-for-tat, demands release. . .Zarif travels to NYC and opens door to talks with US. Hear from VTA’s Iranian and British voices.

ICE: Trump orders raids on 10 cities. . .Is it smart to telegraph the raids? Will it deter illegal immigration? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

ENRICH: Iran increases uranium production past ‘red line’. . .Obama deal officially scuttled. . .Iran still hoping Europe saves them from Trump. VTA special report.

DMZ MEET: Trump invites Kim to shake hands. . .Is N Korea any closer to denuclearization? VTA special report.

CALL OF THE WAR: Trump reverses orders for a strike on Iran. . .Strategy or truth? What would a military strike mean to Iran? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TANKER WARS: US blames Iran, Iran denies. . .6 tankers attacked in last month. . .Who is responsible? How will it impact the US-Iran political crisis? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

DEAL OR FAKE DEAL?: Trump & Mexico avoid tariff war. . .Mexico to send National Guard to border. . .Dems, Mexican pols claim deal points made months ago. Did Trump blink? Will the deal thwart immigrants? VTA special report.

BORDER WAR: Immigration crisis now a trade war. . .Will Trump’s plan work? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

CHINA PRESSURE: Trump visits Japan. . .More pressure on China trade wars. . .How will China respond? VTA special report.

GATHERING STORM: Trump & Iran exchange war talk. . .US Navy speeds to Persian Gulf. . .Trump wants to talk. . .Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GAZA STRIKES: Israel & Hamas fire rockets. . .Killed and wounded on both sides. . .Bibi promises “massive response”. . .Iran blamed. Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

ISIS REINVENTED: Sri Lanka massacre the work of ISIS. . .Post-Syria statement. . .How will ISIS project itself now that caliphate is destroyed?. . .And how will U.S. and allies combat? VTA special report.

‘NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION’: Mueller Report released. . .How will Trump’s “victory” impact his foreign policy? VTA special report.

WIKI-ARREST: UK gets Assange. . .Pulled from Ecuador embassy. . .Charged in US but may be extradited to Sweden. . .Why now? VTA special report.

‘MAXIMUM PRESSURE’: Trump poised to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard terrorists. . .Would be 1st time ever a foreign military designated terror organization. . .How would Iran respond? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

NYET!: Mueller Report concludes no Russian collusion. . .How are Russian media & government reacting? How will Mueller Report impact US-Russia relations? VTA special report

CALIPHATE DOWN: Trump, Kurds claim ISIS defeated in Syria. . .How does this impact al-Assad? The Russians?. . .How will ISIS outside of Syria react? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

KIWI TERROR: ‘Lone’ gunman kills 50 in New Zealand. . .Mosques targeted. . .Gun laws, racism scrutinized by politicians. . .Why did he do it? Hear from VTA’s voices in Christchurch.

ISIS WANTS TO COME HOME: How can the U.S. and other nations determine if its citizens who pledged allegiance to terror groups are de-radicalized? VTA special report.

NO DEAL: Trump-Kim summit ends with no deal, no plans to meet again. . .Trump says he will keep negotiating. . .Kim disputes US version of summit sticking points. What happens next? VTA special report.

PART DEUX: TRUMP-UN set to meet in Hanoi. . .Denuclearization on table, but what is the definition of denuclearization? VTA special report.

SPY: US claims American spy inside Iran. . .Air Force vet. . .Pence tries to convince Euros to abandon P5+1. . .Is Trump negotiating? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

SOCIALISM IN AMERICA: Trump lays out red line in State-of-the-Union. . .AOC, Sanders & more counter with Green New Deal. . .Is socialism what Americans want? VTA special report.

RETURN TO COLD WAR? Trump exits historic missile treaty with Russia. . .Is it really a move to counter China? How will Putin react? VTA special report.

‘PICK A SIDE’: US demands nations choose between Venezuela’s Maduro & Guaido. . .Europe demands ‘legitimate’ elections within 7 days. . .Is it a ‘bloodless coup’? Hear from VTA’s Venezuelan, Euro voices.

SUMMIT PART DEUX: Trump & Kim will meet again. . .No evidence N Korea has reduced nukes. . .What is the goal of summit #2? VTA special report.

JUDGEMENT DAY: Theresa May’s Brexit vote set for Tues. . .’Zero chance’ plan succeeds. . .What happens next? Hear from VTA’s British voices. FOREIGN FALLACY: Bolton snubbed by Erdogan. . .Turkish prez conducts global media blitz ripping US wobble in Syria. . .Is Trump steady on withdrawal? Can Kurdish allies be protected? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

NOT SO FAST: Bolton, Pompeo walk back Trump’s Syria exit. . .Will Kurds be protected? Will US troops stay? Hear from VTA’s Syrian & Iranian voices.

TRUMP VISITS IRAQ: Spends Christmas with troops. . .Iraqi politicians ‘resist’. . .Will Trump pull troops like in Syria & Af-Pak? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

TRUMP EXITS SYRIA: 2,000 US troops will exit. . .Trump says ISIS defeated. . .US military leadership objects, resign. . .What will the fallout be in the Middle East? Hear from VTA’s voices in Syria, Turkey.

AF-PAK DRAWDOWN: Half of US troops to exit. . .Is America’s longest war ¬†ending? Has Taliban won? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.

BREXIT JAM: May trades vote for survival. . .2nd referendum gains momentum. . .Is this the end of Euro institutions? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

CANADA’S PAIN: Huawei arrest crisis puts squeeze on Canada. . .China arrests 2 Canadians. . .Trump says he will use Meng as trade-war bait. . .Why is Canada doing America’s bidding? Hear from VTA’s voices in Canada.

PARIS BURNS: Bourgeoisie revolts. . .Macron silent, unseen. . .Yellow Jackets spread to Belgium, Netherlands. . .How far will they go? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

PUTIN THE POWERFUL: Naval attack against Ukraine. . .High-fives with MBS in Buenos Aires. . .Flash-point for Anti-Trumpers in US. . .Why is he making so many provocative moves? Hear from VTA’s voices from Russia, Ukraine.


CIA FINGERS MBS: Why are media reporting that CIA believes MBS ordered killing of Khashoggi? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

BIBI BLOWS IT? Botched spy job in Gaza escalates into rocket war. . .Israelis and Palestinians suffer deaths. . .Pressure for Knesset elections. . .Is Netanyahu on the brink? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

THE EURO ARMY: Trump in Paris. . .Macron pushes for Euro army to protect against US. . .Is this a move against Trump? NATO? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

KHASHOGGI TAPES: Erdogan says US, Saudis & Euros have heard tapes of journo being killed. . .Trump says he hasn’t heard anything. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

ACOSTA: Trump brawls with CNN journo. . .Hear global reaction.

IRAN SQUEEZE: Trump maximizes sanctions. . .Loopholes. . .How will Iran respond? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

LONG GOODBYE: Merkel sets exit in Germany. . .May be out by Christmas. . .Where does this leave institutional government in Europe? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

TRUMP OF THE TROPICS: Brazil votes. . .Trump-style candidate poised to win. . .What are voters seeking? Hear from VTA’s Brazilian voices.

THE KASHOGGI STORY: Saudis shift explanation. . .Turkey backs off. . .What long-lasting impact will the death of Kashoggi have on The Kingdom? VTA special report.

COMING TO AMERICA: Another mass migration heads to US border. . .Originates in Honduras. . .Trump threatens to cut off aid to Central American nations if they don’t halt. . .Is this a political stunt? Hear from VTA’s voices in Honduras.

KILLED: Saudi journo confirmed murdered in Turkish consulate. . .MBS claims ignorance, promises to investigate. . .Trump soft-pedals. . .What are the global ramifications of Khashoggi death? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

TRUMP CANCELS PUTIN: US exits missile treaty with Russia. . .How will Putin respond? VTA special report.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KHASHOGGI? Saudi critic/journo disappears in Istanbul. . .Turkey alleges murder. . .Saudis tap-dance. . .Trump defends US relationship with Prince. . .What is Saudi strategy? How will Trump handle? Hear from VTA’s voices in Turkey and Middle East.