END OF EU? France votes. . .Le Pen win may end the EU dream. . .Will Thursday’s terror attack sway voters? Hear from VTA’s French voices.

MAY IN JUNE: UK PM calls snap elections. . .BREXIT play. . .Could May lose? Hear from VTA’s British voices.


DUD: N Korea attempts missile launch. . .Missile fizzles. . .Is the dud intentional? Or is this a brazen provocation? Hear from VTA’s missile expert.

‘ALL-TIME LOW’: Trump rattles Putin. . .Syria gas attack blame game. . .NATO bait. . .Has Trump flip-flopped on Russia? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

SULTAN: Turkey votes on Erdogen power. . .Could further stress EU. . .Will the West’s “diplomatic example” forever be changed? VTA special report.

MOAB: Trump drops biggest bomb on Af-Pak. . .Will this alter the war? Hear from VTA’s Af-Pak voices

TRUMP STRIKES: Global reaction to Trump hit on Syria. . .Hear what America’s enemies and frenemies think of missile strike. . .Trump reverses stance, calls for al-Assad to go. Hear from VTA’s voices in Syria, Iran, Turkey.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: More truck terror in Europe. . .Sweden immigration debate heats up. . .’Loss of confidence’ in Swedish way of life. VTA special report.

XI GETS TRUMP TREATMENT: Chinese president witnesses the end Obama doctrine. . .Trump strikes Syria and sends US naval strike force to Korea. . .Will Trump hit Un?


XI MEET: Trump hosts presidents of China, Egypt. . .N Korea. . .Trade. . .Currency. . .ISIS all on agenda. Can Trump cut a deal? VTA special report.

ASSANGE VOTE: Ecuador votes. . .One candidate says Assange can stay in embassy, other candidate says he must go. . .What is the future of Wikileaks? Hear from VTA’s voices in Ecuador.