PARIS BURNS: Bourgeoisie revolts. . .Macron silent, unseen. . .Yellow Jackets spread to Belgium, Netherlands. . .How far will they go? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

PUTIN THE POWERFUL: Naval attack against Ukraine. . .High-fives with MBS in Buenos Aires. . .Flash-point for Anti-Trumpers in US. . .Why is he making so many provocative moves? Hear from VTA’s voices from Russia, Ukraine.


CIA FINGERS MBS: Why are media reporting that CIA believes MBS ordered killing of Khashoggi? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

BIBI BLOWS IT? Botched spy job in Gaza escalates into rocket war. . .Israelis and Palestinians suffer deaths. . .Pressure for Knesset elections. . .Is Netanyahu on the brink? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

THE EURO ARMY: Trump in Paris. . .Macron pushes for Euro army to protect against US. . .Is this a move against Trump? NATO? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

KHASHOGGI TAPES: Erdogan says US, Saudis & Euros have heard tapes of journo being killed. . .Trump says he hasn’t heard anything. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

ACOSTA: Trump brawls with CNN journo. . .Hear global reaction.

IRAN SQUEEZE: Trump maximizes sanctions. . .Loopholes. . .How will Iran respond? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

LONG GOODBYE: Merkel sets exit in Germany. . .May be out by Christmas. . .Where does this leave institutional government in Europe? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

TRUMP OF THE TROPICS: Brazil votes. . .Trump-style candidate poised to win. . .What are voters seeking? Hear from VTA’s Brazilian voices.

THE KASHOGGI STORY: Saudis shift explanation. . .Turkey backs off. . .What long-lasting impact will the death of Kashoggi have on The Kingdom? VTA special report.

COMING TO AMERICA: Another mass migration heads to US border. . .Originates in Honduras. . .Trump threatens to cut off aid to Central American nations if they don’t halt. . .Is this a political stunt? Hear from VTA’s voices in Honduras.

KILLED: Saudi journo confirmed murdered in Turkish consulate. . .MBS claims ignorance, promises to investigate. . .Trump soft-pedals. . .What are the global ramifications of Khashoggi death? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

TRUMP CANCELS PUTIN: US exits missile treaty with Russia. . .How will Putin respond? VTA special report.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KHASHOGGI? Saudi critic/journo disappears in Istanbul. . .Turkey alleges murder. . .Saudis tap-dance. . .Trump defends US relationship with Prince. . .What is Saudi strategy? How will Trump handle? Hear from VTA’s voices in Turkey and Middle East.