UN WEEK: World leaders meet in NYC. . .US, Iran & N Korea in PR showdown. . .Trump and Rouhani speak back-to-back. . .Will N Korea announce de-nuclearization? VTA special report.

WARNING: Trump threatens military action in Syria. . .Is al-Assad on the verge of “victory” if he takes Idlib? Hear from VTA’s voices across the Middle East.

DIPLOMATIC PROTOCAL: Trump & Pompeo blast Kerry for talking with Iran. . .Kerry fires back. . .Is this a domestic spat, or is Trump using Kerry to negotiate with Rouhani? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

EUROPE SHIFTS RIGHT: Sweden votes. . .Far right party expected to make big gains. . .Immigration driving voters. . .After Brexit, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, where is Europe heading? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


TERROR TARGETS AMERICANS: 2 Americans stabbed in Amsterdam train station. . .Afghan national had “terror motives”. . .Obtained German residency permit. . .Were Americans targeted? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

TRUMP v. TRUDEAU: Canada scrambles after Trump cuts trade deal with Mexico. . .How will Canada react? Who has the leverage? Hear from VTA’s Canadian voices.

MAVERICK: Iconic US politician John McCain dies. . .How did his service impact the world? Hear global reaction.

CANADIAN SQUEEZE? Mexico & US poised to make NAFTA deal. . .What about Canada? Will Pena Nieto play Trump’s anti-Trudeau card? Hear from VTA’s voices in Mexico.

TALK TO THE TALIB: Taliban demand US exit from Af-Pak. . .ISIS builds in Af-Pak. . .Can a truce be negotiated in America’s longest war? Hear from VTA’s voices in Af-Pak.

SANCTIONS: Trump re-imposes sanction on Iran. . .Rouhani says he won’t negotiate. . .What is Trump’s goal? Can Iran’s government survive the sanctions? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GAME OF TURKEY: Trump sanctions Turkey. . .Showdown over American minister held in Turkey. . .Who will blink first? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT? Venezuelan prez claims US-based terrorrists target him with weaponized drone. . .Military panics. . .Is this a hoax? VTA special report.

SHOWDOWN: Trump & Iran prepare for economic fight. . .War games underway. . .New sanctions could come soon. What is Trump hoping for? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

THREATS: Rouhani & Trump trade war threats. . .Is it just talk? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

DEAL TO DEAL: Trump & Euros strike a deal to work on tariff deal. . .Kick the can or something more? VTA special report.

‘ARAB NATO’: Trump and Gulf States work to build alliance against Iran. . .Will it mirror NATO? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.


SUMMIT PLUMMET: Putin outmanuevers Trump in Helsinki. . .Trump forced to explain, backtrack after meeting. . .Why did Trump perform poorly? Hear global reaction.

BRINK: Israel & Hamas attack. . .Ceasefire called. . .Is this the start of something big? Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel.

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER TRUMP: Putin meets Trump in Helsinki. . .Only translators allowed in room. . .NATO, Cyber-security, Sanctions, Crimea, Ukraine, Missile Defense allegedly all on table. . .What is Trump’s goal? Putin’s goal? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

TRUMP MEETS THE QUEEN: Massive protests accompany Trump visit to UK. . .NATO, Brexit, trade discussed. . .Did Trump preserve the ‘Special Relationship?’ Hear from VTA’s British voices.


TRUMP WORLD TOUR: NATO, The Queen, Putin back-to-back-to-back. . .NATO members jittery. . .UK protestors promise to ‘moon’ Trump. . .Helsinki summit re-ignites allegations of Putin/Trump collusion. Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

‘GANGTER-STYLE’: N Korea blasts US over negotiating tactics. . .Pompeo says talks went well. . .Is Kid Dictator posturing or is N Korea ready to pull out? VTA special report.

SURRENDER: EU reverses course on migration. . .Merkel’s open-door policy slammed shut. . .’Detention centers’. . .European borders ‘extended’ to Africa. . .Will it work? Can the US learn from Euros? VTA special report.

MEXICO ELECTION: New president to be elected. . .Revolution party poised to win big. . .What is the future of US/Mexico immigration? NAFTA? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

‘TRUMP BLINKS’: Splitting migrant families proves too risky. . .Is this a tipping point for Trump & anti-Trumpers? VTA special report.

SULTAN: Turkey votes. . .Erdogan poised to consolidate power, change Turkey’s political structure. . .Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

SUMMIT: Trump & Un meet. . .Who won, who lost?. . .What was actually accomplished? VTA special report.

BORDER BABIES: New enforcement separating children from parents at Mexican border. . .Is Trump following the law? Is this tactic deterring people from illegally crossing border? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

MERKEL’S END? Immigration bubbles up again in Germany. . .Merkel’s coalition openly challenges her open-door policy. . .Will Merkel survive? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

‘WEAK’: Trump rips Trudeau after G7. . .Trudeau promises retaliatory tariffs against Trump. . .Is a full-blown trade war certain? Hear from VTA’s voices in Canada, Europe.

SINGAPORE SUMMIT: Trump & Un set for Tues. . .Real issue is US guarantee that Un remains in power. . .Is history about to made? VTA special report.

TARIFF: Trump hits Canada, EU, Mexico. . .All 3 hit back. . .Is Trump starting a trade war with America’s closest allies? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe, Canada.

NOKO ON: Summit with Kid Dictator, Trump re-set. . .Trump tempers expectations. . .Can real denuclearization be achieved? VTA special report.

CALL ME MAYBE: Trump cancels NOKO Summit. . .Then says maybe he won’t cancel. . .Kid Dictator holds snap meeting with Prez Moon, reiterates de-nuking. . .Where does this leave Korea? VTA special report.

EUROS REGULATE TECH: New laws enacted to combat data abuse by Facebook, Google. . .How does this impact US users? What are the loopholes? Can Euros be the world’s data watchdog? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

IRAQ’S NEW BOSS: Moqtada al-Sadr big winner in Iraqi elections. . .His militia fought, killed US troops. . .Campaigned against US policy AND Iranian policy. . .Where does this leave the US? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

SUMMIT AGAINST AMERICA EMBASSY: Turkey’s Erdogan hosts meeting of muslim states. . .Condemns US embassy move to Jerusalem, Israeli force against Palestinians. . .Where does this leave US-Turk relations? Hear from VTA”s Turkish voices.

AMERICA’S CROWN: Prince Harry weds an American. Hear from VTA’s British voices.


TRUMP NUKES IRAN DEAL: Open to new deal. . .Europe scrambles to preserve remnants of Obama deal. . .Iran threatens nukes. . .What are the real implications of Trump’s move? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

SUMMIT: Trump/Un meeting set for Singapore. . .N Korea says it will shutter a testing site. . .3 Americans released from N Korean prisons. . .Is Trump headed towards a win or is he being led to slaughter? VTA special report.

ISRAEL’S BIG WEEK: US embassy officially moves to Jerusalem. . .Iran-in-Syria a gathering storm. . .Can Israel maintain peace? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

‘HISTORIC REGRET’: Iranian president warns Trump. . .Trump poised to cancel Obama nuke deal. . .What impact will cancellation have on Middle East? VTA special report.

CARAVAN: Migrants push into US. . .Trump blasts Mexico. . .Is it Mexico’s fault? Will border showdown impact Trump’s wall plans? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

NOBEL: Trump officially nominated for peace prize. . .World debates validity of Nobel Peace Prize and if it’s possible to deny Trump after N Korean summit.

BREAKTHROUGH: Korean leaders meet. . .Declare end of Korean War, denuclearization. . .Is it talk or will it happen? Trump set to meet Un. . .Can he close the deal? VTA special report.

BROMANCE: Macron visits Trump. . .Merkel limps to Washington. . .Did Euro leaders deter Trump from plan to scuttle Iran deal? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

CONCESSION OR TRAP? Kid Dictator announces nuke freeze. . .Trump praises, Abe warns. . .Is N Korea playing the same old game or is this real progress? VTA special report.

IRAN DEAL: Supreme Leader warns of nuclear weapons ahead of sanctions deadline. . .Macron & Merkel set to meet Trump at White House to discuss. . .Trump remains publicly firm on renegotiating Obama’s deal. Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

YOUR MOVE: Trump bombs Syria. . .Putin promises ‘consequences’. . .What is at stake? Why is Syria so important to Putin? Will Trump finally move to install a policy for Syria? Hear from VTA’s Russian and Syrian voices.

TECH vs. GOVT: Zuckerberg goes to DC. . .Will tech be regulated? VTA special report.

TRUMP’S HUMAN ‘WALL’: US military sent to Mexican border. . .Will it deter illegal immigrants? What is Trump’s goal? Negotiating tactic for NAFTA? Pressure on congress? Hear from VTA’s Mexican voices.

‘BIG PRICE TO PAY’: Trump condemns Bashar al-Assad for reported gas attack in Syria. . .Blames Putin and Iran too. . .Syrian government claims innocence, ‘fake news’. Is Trump setting a red line? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

EASTER IN THE HOLY LAND: Deadly violence in Gaza. . .Palestinians claim hundreds shot by Israeli forces. . .Israel claims self-defense. . .UN, EU condemn. . .US helps block investigation. Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel, Gaza.

VACUUM: Trump promises to pull troops, money from Syria. . .With US out, what becomes of ISIS? Iran, Russia, Turkey? VTA special report.

TECH V. GOVT: The easily predictable war between Big Tech and Big Institutions is underway. . .Zuckerberg ‘spooked’. . .How many Cambridge Analyticas are there? What can you do about data manipulation? VTA special report.

SAUDI IN AMERICA: Millennial Prince visits Trump, Hollywood, Silicon Valley. . .Iran under scrutiny. . .What will Trump do about nuclear deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

‘ELECTION’: Egypt votes. . .Sisi a lock. . .What does it mean for US-Egyptian relations? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

PUTIN THE POWERFUL: ‘Election’ day in Russia. . .Czar Putin certain winner. . .UK, Europe & US push back via British spy scandal. . .Russia denies. . .How is the West planning to deal with Putin? VTA special report.

MBS: Saudi millennial leader makes first visit to White House. . .Prepared to take on Iran deal. . .Attempts to lure Hollywood, VT Valley with reforms. Hear from VTA’s voices from Middle East.

SUMMIT: Trump to meet Kid Dictator. . .1st American prez to meet with N Korean leader. . .Why now? What is Trump’s goal? Can Un be persuaded to relinquish nukes? VTA special report.

LA DOLCE VIDA: Italy’s populists rise. . .Berlusconi back in the game. . .Nation of Ferrari and fashion split between socialists and anti-immigration insulars. . .How will this effect Europe? Hear from VTA’s Italian voices.

PUTIN’S MISSILES: Has Russia bypassed US missile defense? How will NATO respond? VTA special report.

BIBI IN DC: Israeli PM visits Trump. . .Both pols embroiled in investigations. . .US embassy in Jerusalem touted. . .Plan for Iran, Syria on agenda. Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

TRADE WAR? Trump threatens tariffs. . .EU, Canada jump. . .China cool. VTA special report.

TRUMP’S SYRIA PLAN: ISIS may be gone, but the US is battling Iran, Turkey, al-Assad, Russia and al-Qaeda. . .Is Syria sucking in Trump? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

THE STATESMAN: Trump meets with Arab leaders, attempts to solve Qatar crisis. . .What is at stake? VTA special report.

AMERICA’S GUNS, GLOBAL VIEW: Trump wants to arm teachers. . .Will it work? And what do foreigners think of America’s gun culture.


‘JUST BLABBER’: FBI indicts 13 Russians in election probe. . .’Troll’ farm in St. Pete. . .Russia denies. . .Trump claims vindication. Hear what Russians think about charges.

GUNS, AMERICA: Fla school massacre kills 17. . .Hear global reaction.

ZUMA OUT: S Africa suddenly has a new president. . .Why now? How will it impact one of the world’s most unequal nations? Hear from VTA’s African voices.

‘NEW ERA’: Israel strikes Iran in Syria. . .Iran denies it sent drone into Israel. . .Israeli jet shot down. . .What are the implications of this escalation? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iran, Israel.

‘ASIAN SPECIALIST’: Olympics become ground zero for diplomatic showdown. . .Kid Dictator’s sis becomes media darling. . .NBC flubs, apologizes. VTA special report.


THE PKK PROBLEM: US called on terror organization to help fight ISIS in Syria. . .Now Turkey is ticked off. . .What is Trump’s play? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

SUPER BOWL: Another institution losing confidence of public. . .Why the NFL has deep problems. VTA special report.


TRUMP TAKES EUROPE: Promotes US biz in Davos. . .Sets agenda for Brexit, Paris Climate and Iran deal. . .How did Euros receive The Donald? VTA special report.

‘MASSACRE’: Another Taleb attack hits Kabul. . .103 dead in suicide bombing. . .5 major Taleb or ISIS attacks in last week. . .Are the Taleb responding to Trump’s new Af-Pak plan? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.



TURKEY IN SYRIA: Ground troops cross border to battle Kurds. . .US supports Kurds in Syria and NATO ally Turkey. . .Why is this happening? Hear from VTA’s voices in Istanbul.

GIG IS UP: What happens when tech becomes un-cool? VTA special report.

FALSE ALARM: Hawaii sent missile alert. . .If US missile defense system is in place, why the panic? Is an alert even necessary? VTA special report.

‘S*#@HOLE COUNTRIES’: Hear global reaction to Trump’s vulgar language.


BATTLE ROYALE: Macron attempts to make ‘Fake News’ illegal. . .Europe at forefront of battle between Government v. Tech. . .Find out what Facebook is attempting and why the US is not taking the lead. VTA special report.

TRUMP CUTS PAK: Trump promises to cut aid to Pakistan. . .Cites ‘double game’ dating back to W administration. . .How will this impact fight against Taliban, terror? Hear from VTA’s voices in Pakistan.

TRUMP BOOK: A new book in the US offers ‘inside’ account of Trump’s White House operations. . .Hear reaction from voices in Middle East.

‘THE WORLD IS WATCHING’: Protests rock Iran. . .2 dead. . .Protestors support Shah of Iran?. . .Trump tweets. . .What do protestors want? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TECH vs. GOVT: UK makes another move against tech giants. . .Threatens taxes. . .Plays terror card. VTA special report.

ARMED & DANGEROUS: US sends ‘lethal’ weapons to Ukraine. . .Putin the Powerful claims move ‘crosses the line’. . .Anti-tank missiles ‘will bring new bloodshed’.. .Why is Trump making this move? Hear from VTA’s voices in Kiev.

SPAIN SEPARATISTS: Latest election a blow to Madrid, EU. . .How far will the Catalan go? And how do the institutions in Madrid and Brussels plan to stop them? Hear from VTA’s voices in Barcelona.

TRUMP’S TAX REVOLUTION: Will Trump’s tax victory spark a global overhaul? VTA special report.


THE NEXT BIG FIGHT: Another tech exec claims guilt. . .Social media victimizing masses. . .Looming battle between Government and Tech. VTA special report.

BREXIT, PHASE 1: May rebellion. . .Boris warns of ‘vassal state’. . .Will ‘Special Relationship’ change? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

JERUSALEM: UN attempts to derail Trump recognition. . .Erdogan promises embassy in E Jerusalem. . .Did Trump get anything in return? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

‘FULLY LIBERATED’: Iraq declares ISIS defeated. . .Russia says ISIS defeated in Syria. . .Is the ideology dead too? Or will ISIS return? Should US troops remain in Iraq? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

JERUSALEM: Trump declares Jerusalem capital of Israel. . .American allies, enemies condemn. . .Warnings of violent reaction. . .Is Trump’s move a negotiation or political favor? Hear from VTA’s voices across the Middle East.

ALL 50 STATES: N Korea proves it can strike entire US. . .Any threat may include atmospheric detonation. . .Trump static on response. . .China not budging. What should Trump’s next move be? Hear from VTA’s voice in Japan.

JERUSALEM, JERUSALEM: Trump set to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel. . .Arab League predicts violent response. . .Why does Trump want this? Do Israelis want it? Hear from VTA’s Israeli voices.

ISIS IN EGYPT: 305 dead in mosque attack. . .Deadliest in Egypt’s history. . .Government blames ISIS. . .Why is Sinai so insecure? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

MERKEL ON THE BRINK: “Leader of the Free World” can’t form government. . .Merkel may step down. . .Elections another possibility. . .What’s causing the crisis? And how does it affect Europe? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

DICTATOR DOWN: Mugabe ousted in Zimbabwe coup. . .Attempting to negotiate “dignified” exit. . .Longest ruling African leader. . .Legacy of murder, corruption, Marxism, economic collapse. . .What took so long? Hear from VTA’s African voices.

SAUDI GAMES: Middle East continues to react to whirlwind of Saudi actions. . .Hariri promises return to Lebanon this week. . .Macron tries to mediate. Is King Salman ready to exit? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

COLD WAR, HOT WAR: Saudi and Iranian tensions escalate. . .Talk of war. . .Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq all in play. How should the US play it? Hear from VTA’s voices throughout the Middle East.

TECH WAR: Europe continues to lead anti-tech movement in battle of Pols v Geeks. The US is close behind. VTA special report.

TRUMP IN ASIA: On script, on time, Trump keeps popular media guessing. Official Putin meeting never happens. VTA special report.

NUKE TRIP: Trump visits Asia to deter N Korea. . .Set to meet with Putin, Xi, Abe. . .What are Trump’s options? VTA special report.

NEW COLD WAR: Saudi-Iran standoff reaches new heights. . .Lebanese PM resigns from Riyadh, blasts Iran and Hezbollah. . .Iran blames US. . .How far will this showdown go? Hear from VTA’s voices in middle east.

NYC TERROR: Global reaction to truck terrorist in NY City.

ON THE BRINK? Catalan declares independence. . .Massive pro-government demonstrations in Barcelona. . .Government arrests Catalan pols, fires police chief. . .Will Spain break? What impact will this have on Europe? Hear from VTA’s voices in Spain, Europe.

SAUDI FACE LIFT: Future king declares Saudi Arabia will adopt “moderate Islam”. . .What does this mean? Why the shift? How will Middle East react? Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

END OF THE CALIPHATE? Raqqa falls. . .Where does this leave ISIS? How does this impact al-Assad? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

NIGER: Why were 4 US soldiers killed? Why are 800 US soldiers in this country? Hear from VTA’s African voices.

THE CZECH TRUMP: Europe votes again for change. . .Czech billionaire set to lead government. . .How will this impact Europe? VTA special report.

DECERTIFY: Trump begins unraveling Obama’s Iran deal. . .Kicks to Congress. . .Can Trump negotiate a better deal? Are the Iranians willing to deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

HOSTAGE: Pakistan military rescues American hostages held by Taliban. . .Trump praises. . .Is this a new start for US-Pak relations? Hear from VTA’s Pak voices.

SEPERATE: Catalan deadline looms. . .Will Spain split? What would a split mean for Europe? Hear from VTA’s voices in Barcelona.

‘WORST DEAL EVER’: Trump likely to de-certify Iran nuke deal. . .How will Ayatollah Khamenei react? How will Euros, China and Russia react? Is it really a bad deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GUN CULTURE: Global reaction to Vegas massacre. . .Does America have a gun culture? Or is it a constitutional culture? Hear from VTA’s voices in Europe.

EUROPE’S YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY: Spain divided over Catalan independence. . .Election day turns violent. . .Police and voters clash. Hear from VTA’s voices in Barcelona.

KURDISTAN: Iraqi Kurds vote for independence. . .US, Iraq, UN call it illegitimate. . .What’s at stake if Kurds break off? VTA special report.

SWAMP: Trump is talking with Kid Dictator. . .Is the “old way” the best way? VTA special report.

SOCIAL JUSTICE EXPORTED: NFL players in London protest American anthem. . .Trump comments trigger players, owners, administrators. . .NBA champs “disinvited” to White House. . .Do sports stars outside US use the game to promote politics? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

DOTARD: Trump threatens N Korea, Iran. . .Military option looms. . .Kid Dictator threatens H-bomb over Pacific. . .Where is this crisis headed? VTA special report.

BAD DEAL: Trump criticizes Iran deal. . .Threatens to walk out, or re-negotiate. . .Can he? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

ROCKET MAN: Trump shifts N Korea issue from diplomacy to Pentagon. . .Military options front and center. . .Trump will address UN General Assembly on Kid Dictator. VTA special report.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Is it surging only in America? Hear what’s happening in Australia.

GREEN OR ELSE: Canada’s government investigates climate deniers. . .Does this violate freedom of speech? Or should the government ensure nobody speaks against climate change? Hear from VTA’s voices in Canada.

WORLD STORM: Irma arrives in US. . .Viewed as political event around globe. . .Is Irma really different? VTA special report.

H-BOMB: N Korea tests missile-ready hydrogen bomb. . .Trump still looking to China for answers. . .Hear what Trump can do today to deter Kid Dictator. VTA special report.

HARVEY: Global reaction to America’s massive hurricane.

DEADLY ACCIDENTS? US Pacific Fleet suffers another deadly collision. . .What impact does it have on defense against N Korea? China? VTA special report.

TRUMP’S AF-PAK: America’s longest war gets longer. . .Troop surge. . .Definition of “win” being re-defined. Is Trump’s plan a good one? Hear from VTA’s voices in Pakistan.


ISIS AGAIN: Spain targeted. . .Well-formed cell across 3 cities kills and injures  dozens. . .”6 months” of planning. . .Europe’s new-normal? Or could this be prevented? Hear from VTA’s Spanish voices.

AMERICA’S TERROR: Global response to Charlottesville protests, and Trump’s response.

AF-PAK 4.0: Trump decides on new plan for America’s longest war. More troops? Mercenaries? Squeeze Pakistan? Hear from VTA’s voices in Af-Pak.


WILL UN GET PHYSICAL? N Korea threatens Guam. . .Rhetoric between N Korea, US & China reaches new level. . .Trump promises more money for defense. . .What is Trump’s best move? VTA special report.

PRIVATE AF-PAK: Trump considers mercenaries in Af-Pak. . .Rips Pakistan support of Talib. . .Says US is losing war. How can America end its longest war? Hear from VTA’s Afghan voices.

A coup attempt at a military base in Venezuela this morning while protestors cheer.
Trump’s White House has sprung another leak, this time it’s phone calls to the presidents of Mexico and Australia. We head to Mexico for analysis.

UN DOES IT AGAIN: N Korea missiles can reach Chicago. . .Trump rips China. . .China rips US. . .S Korea flip flops and asks US for help. . .Why is Kim Jong-Un succeeding, and what can Trump do about it? VTA special report.

MERKEL REJECTED: EU court rules against Merkel immigration plan. . .Another terror attack in Germany leaves 1 dead. . .What is the solution for Europe’s immigration? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.


EUROPE’S NEW CRISIS: Polish president on the brink of  replacing Supreme Court. . .Government-controlled judiciary. . .Comes days after Trump praised Poland as defender of West. . .EU threatens sanctions. . .Why is Poland doing this? Hear from VTA’s Polish voices.

BATTLE VENEZUELA: Maduro attempts to rewrite constitution. . .Opposition surges. . .Trump threatens oil sanctions. . .How bad is it in Venezuela? Hear from VTA’s Venezuelan voices.

YES, NO: Trump recertifies Iran deal then slaps new sanctions. . .Is Trump targeting Obama’s deal? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

GOOD COP: Macron sucks up to Trump. . .Military, Bands, Parades, Museums, Haute Cuisine. . .What does Macron want, and will playing nice work? Hear from VTA’s voices in France.

TRUTH: Trump Jr.releases Russia emails after NY Times scoops him. . .Emails contradict Trump narrative. . .VTA special report.

MAXIMUM LEADER: Turkey’s Erdogan holds massive rallies on 1-yr anniversary of failed coup. . .Rails against EU. . .Promotes death penalty. . .More Turks jailed and fired. . .How has Erdogan survived a coup and gained power in 12 months? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? Iraqi government declares victory over ISIS in Mosul. . .Is this the end of ISIS? How will this affect terror attacks in Europe, US? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iraq.

‘NEW THREAT’: N Korea tests ICBM with nuke capability. . .Game changer. . .Trump struggles to deter Kid Dictator. . .THAAD test expected Sunday night. . .What is Kid Dictator’s goal? VTA special report.

THE SIT DOWN: Trump and Putin meet. . .What was said? Global Media Spotlight.

SIT-DOWN: Trump, Putin set to meet. . .Sanction, Syria, Cyber-spying expected to be discussed. . .Hysteria from corporate American media expected to reach new heights. . .How do Russians view the historic meeting? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

RED LINE: Trump sets his red line in Syria. . .Is war imminent? Hear from VTA’s Syrian voices.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?: Iraqi government declares ISIS defeated. . .”Caliphate dead”. . .US forces in Iraq increase footprint. If ISIS is defeated in Iraq, now what? VTA special report.

‘MURDERED’: N Korea blamed for American’s death. . .Will Trump respond? Why would Kid Dictator do this? VTA special report.

QATAR CRISIS: US, Gulf States issue 13 demands. . .Qatar quickly rejects. . .What is the next move? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian voices.

IS ISIS DEAD? Surrounded in Iraq and Syria, is the defeat of ISIS imminent? What happens next? VTA special report.

END OF ISIS?: Is al-Baghdadi dead? US/Iraqi forces make final push in ancient city center of Mosul. . .150,000 civilians “trapped”. . .ISIS snipers on rooftops. . .Hear from VTA’s voices in Baghdad.

CUBA LIBRE: Trump rolls back Obama’s Cuba agenda. . .Targets Castro, military. . .Will the plan improve human rights in Cuba, or is it just political payback for Florida? Hear from VTA’s Cuban voices.

SURGE: Trump orders 4,000 additional troops to Af-Pak. . .America’s longest war escalates. . .”Insider attacks” against US troops continue. VTA special report.

MAYDAY: PM self-inflicts wound with snap election. . .Brexit in disarray. . .’Knives are out’. Hear from VTA’s British voices.

TRUMP v KHAN: The president and mayor face off over terror. . .What is the best way for elected leaders to fight terror at home? VTA special report.

AMBUSH: 3 US soldiers killed in Af-Pak. . .America’s longest war shows no end. . .Is that the plan? Hear from VTA’s voices in Kabul.

ISIS IN IRAN: Parliament, holy shrine attacked. . .17 killed…Why is ISIS targeting IRAN? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’: UK hit again with terror attack. . .3rd in 2 months. . .May targets ‘safe spaces’. . .Snap election Thurs. . .Trump calls again for immigration ban. . .Hear from VTA’s British voices.

INTERCEPT: US successfully intercepts ICBM. . .CHINA, RUSSIA ‘concerned’. . .N Korea promises to test more missiles. Will this deter The Kid Dictator? VTA special report.

MANCHESTER BOMBER: Known to security services. . .How was he able to pull off attack? VTA special report.

LEAKS: UK livid with US over Manchester terror leaks. . .Why would US leak? How does this help Trump? Hear from VTA’s British voices.

MOSUL: ISIS concerned in the Old City. . .If the “caliphate’s” capital falls, does ISIS lose? Hear from VTA’s voices in Iraq.

KING FOR A DAY: Trump in Saudi Arabia. . .Royal Treatment. . .Offers messages to terrorists and muslims. Hear from VTA’s voices throughout the Middle East.

N KOREA AGAIN: Another day, another missile. . .Is Un desperate or unthreatened by Trump? VTA special report.

FRENCH SCRUB: Why have big media ignored the Macron hack? Hear from VTA’s voices in France.

UN STRIKES AGAIN: N Korea tests another missile. . .This one travels 500 miles towards Russia. . .’New technology’. . .Hawaii, Japan threatened. . .Will Trump be forced to shoot down future missiles? Hear from VTA’s missile expert.

IRAN ELECTIONS: Rouhani is favorite. . .Is there a populist candidate? Is the nuclear deal at stake? Hear from VTA’s Iranian voices.

TRUMP TRIP: First foreign trip begins in Saudi Arabia. . .What will Donald deal?. . .Trump will visit ‘Holy Triumvirate’: Saudi, Israel, Vatican. Hear from VTA’s voices in Middle East.

L’ELECTION: Macron holds enormous lead in polls. . .Will Le Pen pull a Le Trump? French government threatens media after data hack into Macron campaign. . . Has populism peaked? Hear from VTA’s voices in France.

TRUMP TRIP: Saudi Arabia, Israel and The Pope. . .Trump’s first foreign  trip. . .What is his message? His strategy? Hear from VTA’s voices in Israel.

MORE: N Korea tests another missile, defies Trump. . .Fails after launch. . .Why are N Korea’s missiles sputtering? VTA special report.

ELECTION: France votes in a week. . .Le Pen tightens polls. . .Europe holds breath. Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

END OF EU? France votes. . .Le Pen win may end the EU dream. . .Will Thursday’s terror attack sway voters? Hear from VTA’s French voices.

MAY IN JUNE: UK PM calls snap elections. . .BREXIT play. . .Could May lose? Hear from VTA’s British voices.


DUD: N Korea attempts missile launch. . .Missile fizzles. . .Is the dud intentional? Or is this a brazen provocation? Hear from VTA’s missile expert.

‘ALL-TIME LOW’: Trump rattles Putin. . .Syria gas attack blame game. . .NATO bait. . .Has Trump flip-flopped on Russia? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

SULTAN: Turkey votes on Erdogen power. . .Could further stress EU. . .Will the West’s “diplomatic example” forever be changed? VTA special report.

MOAB: Trump drops biggest bomb on Af-Pak. . .Will this alter the war? Hear from VTA’s Af-Pak voices

TRUMP STRIKES: Global reaction to Trump hit on Syria. . .Hear what America’s enemies and frenemies think of missile strike. . .Trump reverses stance, calls for al-Assad to go. Hear from VTA’s voices in Syria, Iran, Turkey.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: More truck terror in Europe. . .Sweden immigration debate heats up. . .’Loss of confidence’ in Swedish way of life. VTA special report.

XI GETS TRUMP TREATMENT: Chinese president witnesses the end Obama doctrine. . .Trump strikes Syria and sends US naval strike force to Korea. . .Will Trump hit Un?


XI MEET: Trump hosts presidents of China, Egypt. . .N Korea. . .Trade. . .Currency. . .ISIS all on agenda. Can Trump cut a deal? VTA special report.

ASSANGE VOTE: Ecuador votes. . .One candidate says Assange can stay in embassy, other candidate says he must go. . .What is the future of Wikileaks? Hear from VTA’s voices in Ecuador.